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You'll Quickly Say "Goodbye" to Unwanted Fat,
Tight Muscles, Painful Joints, Fatigue and the Fear of Old Age...

And you'll be saying "HELLO" to a rip-roaring metabolism, muscles like a jungle cat, the sturdiness and strength of an Oak Tree as well as a backward ticking biological clock!

Announcing: Matt Furey's...


My Friend, you've never seen or experienced anything remotely close to this...
Very Different Person!

Mark my words: you'll SEE noticeable results within days - and you'll FEEL improvements taking place almost immediately!

Dear Friend,

Yes, there are secrets to increasing your strength and flexibility, secrets to revving up your metabolism and creating internal power - and these secrets have been withheld from you. I know this for a FACT.

Yes, I know there are people who claim "there are no secrets." That everything boils down to nothing but "hard work."

Yet, I assure you these same people who spout this so-called wisdom, don't know 10% of what I plan to teach at my Combat Chi Kung™ Seminar in Tampa, Florida, next month.

For example, do all the people who say "there are no secrets people" know how to bounce someone across a room with internal power?

Do they know how to quickly heal various injuries in the body with little more than a human touch? Injuries that usually cannot be healed without surgery?

Do they know how you can eat whatever you want and still supercharge your metabolism? And do so without drugs, steroids or anything of the sort?

Do they know how you can get stronger, faster, quicker and more flexible - almost IMMEDIATELY?

I didn't think so.

And let me tell you, at my seminar January 9-10, 2015, you will be astounded with what you learn as well as what have never seen before, even if you've made working out your top aim and mission in life.

Let's face facts. There are secrets in every endeavor. And just because "some" people know these secrets doesn't mean you do, or will, even if you live by the success boils down to nothing but hard work motto.

The truth is that I've gone all over the world. I've had the very best coaches and teachers that money can buy. And I've made success in sports, martial arts and life my mission. Yet, I am continually stunned at what I discover and uncover on a daily basis.

I can assure you I would NEVER discover the things I've learned just by working hard. Nor would I have uncovered them just by having good teachers.

I've learned much of what I've learned by being willing to question the unquestionable. To think beyond conventional wisdom. To ask WHY, WHAT and HOW when no one else was willing to do so.

Being a parrot or clone of someone else's knowledge has never been the Furey Way. Yes, I learn from other teachers and masters and always will - but as Sakai Yusai (the Japanese Buddhist monk who ran 1,000 marathons in 7 years, and repeated it a second time), once told me, "The things you discover on your own you will never forget."

And boy oh boy, man oh man, have I EVER discovered some amazing health, fitness and mind power secrets over the last couple years - not to mention the last three months.

Did I make these discoveries through hard work? No, I made them because my mind was OPEN to LEARNING. My mind was searching for answers that had always eluded me. And when you're searching for something, by golly you'll find it.
Matt Furey and Sakai Yusai, considered a Living Buddha in Japan.

Workout Smarter

At my seminar I'm going to teach you to workout smarter. Not just harder. I'm going to teach you some uncanny and unconventional methods to increase your flexibility faster than you ever thought possible. These methods and techniques I have only taught to a few private clients and friends, and the results they have gotten have been nothing short of amazing.

One young man told me he needed hip surgery from all the collisions he had while playing college football. I worked with him for 20 minutes and his hip was 60% better. A week later he was 90% better. In a few weeks he'll be trying out for an Arena Football team as he makes his way to his eventual goal of playing in the NFL.

I'm Not a Doctor, But a Lot of M.D.'s listen to me

Let me tell you, I have a lot of M.D.'s as clients. And I respect them immensely. I've learned a lot talking to them and discussing my ideas. A couple of them will be at this seminar. And they can vouch for what I'm saying in this letter. Even if, in some cases, it defies all their medical training and all their logic.

Sometimes we follow a model that we think is the territory. Yet, it's not. It's just a model. Perhaps a traditional or conventional one.

We can learn a lot from models, road maps and traditional wisdom. At the same time we can get completely stuck in this way of thinking, believing that the map is what we've been told it is. But it's not and never can be.

Perhaps we can learn best and become more than we ever thought possible if we open ourselves up to instruction, then ask questions on our own that take us further than those who instructed us. Not many people are willing to do this, to question. I am - and if you're the type who is continually filled with wonder, with questions, with an empty cup - then I guess you and I can get along famously at my seminar.

How We Get Hurt - How We Can Recover

When my seminar is over and you're feeling like you've just inherited a fortune of wisdom, I guarantee that if you ever hear anyone say, "Success in anything boils down to nothing but hard work," you'll simply smile and keep on walking.

Hard work alone never made anyone successful. In fact, a lot of people are injured for life because they worked hard and never took time to think, ask questions and discover new ways to get the job done better.

Moreover, just as many people never come close to realizing a smidgeon of their potential for the very same reason. They listened to those who told them NOT to work hard. So they didn't. And now look at them. What have they gotten? Nothing.

Have I worked hard to get what I want out of life? Yes and No.

I've worked hard and gotten great results. I've worked hard and gotten rotten results. I've also worked hard and injured myself.

And ironically enough, I've rested and gotten great results. I've rested too long and gotten lousy results. I've even hurt myself from resting too long.

So what is the KEY to getting results BEYOND the norm?

Matt Furey strengthening and stretching in China. It's something called AWARENESS.

It's called PAYING ATTENTION to what you're doing.

It's called getting real good at listening to your body, as well as that still voice within that is trying to guide you, prompt you and catapult you toward your goals.

If I'm good at anything, I'm good at listening to my inner guidance, my inner intelligence. This inner guidance seems to be using a different set of books to get results. And if I tune in and listen, then apply what I'm being guided to do, I often break out laughing at how such a simple idea could have been withheld from me and so many others for so long.

A New Way to Stretch and Strengthen

Let me give you an example: The other day I was working with a lady on her flexibility. She was trying to do the splits and was stuck - and in pain. As she continued to train I took a deep breath and got a dose of inspiration on how she could move into the splits with ease.

The idea was something I have never seen before, anywhere. It's not in any books or DVDs on stretching or flexibility. Including any DVDs I have done on the subject.

Now, I could have immediately blocked the idea that came to me. But I've been following this sort of intuitive guidance far too long to think that was an acceptable way to go.

So I immediately told the lady to follow my lead. I got into a position for training the splits that I have never seen before. She did so as well. From this position I moved back and forth with deep breathing. With each repetition she was moving closer and closer to being able to do the splits. And she was in absolute AWE.

Then I grabbed onto one of her legs and begin to gently pull. As I did so I had her resist with a different set of muscles. And lo and behold, with each passing repetition, she was going deeper into the splits.

Cardio Kings and Queens Don't Know This

The conventional wisdom about cardiovascular training is that your heart and lungs get stronger and healthier if you do 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise per day. One of the biggest pieces of advice is to get outside and walk. I love walking myself. I think it's great thinking exercise. I think it's good for people who are just getting off the couch. I even think it's good for longevity.

But there are many reasons to walk other than speeding up your metabolism or losing weight. In fact, did you know you can walk slowly and build lung power, burn fat and develop internal power?

Did you know that walking can also be done to get in touch with Infinite Intelligence?

To draw energy from the heavens and the earth?

To help you achieve goals without feeling like you did anything?

Well you can, and I'll show you how at my Combat Chi Kung™ Seminar.

No More Combat Conditioning, Either

Now, this may come as the ultimate shock, but at this seminar you're not going to hear talk about Combat Conditioning - my international best-seller for the past 14 years.

That's right.

And I don't really care if you've gotten incredible life-changing results following my program. I don't care if you think it's the best program ever put together.

Because the fact of the matter is, as good as Combat Conditioning is, my newest program, Combat Chi Kung™ is much, much better.

Take Master Liu, my teacher in China, as an example. More than seven years ago he barely put his hand on me and I went flying 20 feet backward. He did this with no warning whatsoever. No one told me he would be doing this to me - so there was no act to prepare for to make him look good.

Master Liu is one of the baddest dudes to ever walk the earth. Yet, he's also one of the most peaceful. With his great power he has great responsibility.

By the way, Master Liu is also the man who had me kick him in the testicles, repeatedly. When I finished he smiled and gave me the thumbs-up.

The next day he began teaching me his secrets of INNER POWER - and I'm going to cover many of them at my seminar.

Let it be known, if you can already do what Master Liu did to me, then there's no need for you to come to this event. If you believe there are no secrets, that blasting someone across the room with a light touch is common knowledge - that all it takes is hard work, okay then. I won't argue. I'll just smile and be on my way. Because I know better.
Matt Furey kicking Master Liu in the knackers.

Strengthen Tendons More Than Muscles

Another secret I'm going to be teaching is how to strengthen your tendons so that you can store more energy, power and endurance than ever before.

Most forms of exercise only teach you to train your muscles. Nothing wrong with this approach - except - uh, the injuries that most people get - are to the tendons and ligaments. Not the muscles.

Think of all your previous injuries. You may have had a muscle pull here and there - but nearly everything else is damage to connective tissue. To tendons. To ligaments.

Look at all the injuries you see in football. Most of them have little to do with your muscles.

Look at all the people who have trouble doing squats, pushups, bridging and so on. Yes, some of it is muscle weakness - but 90% of the difficulty is pain in the joints. And your joints are where your tendons attach to your muscles.

Think about it.

How you going to get out of pain or prevent injury just by training the muscles? It's not going to happen.

A far better plan is following the WAY of Combat Chi Kung™. Train the structure so that it holds together from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.

No weaknesses anywhere along the kinetic chain are allowed.

How do you do that?

Wait a minute, you're asking me?

I thought there were no secrets.

Ah, but there are secrets, my friend.

Many, many secrets.
Matt Furey in front of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.

And I'll reveal so many of them to you at my seminar that I honestly believe your life will never be the same again.

Limited Enrollment - Sign Up Today

In previous fitness seminars I've had over 100 students in the audience. But this one will be different.

I'm only going to allow 36 people to attend this one because I want to make sure that everyone gets plenty of instruction.

At the present moment, just from a little behind-the-scenes word-of-mouth, we've already got close to 20 people who will be attending. This means there's probably only room for about 16 more people.

Right now I have the fee for the event listed at $995.00 - which is ridiculously inexpensive when you consider all the knowledge you'll be getting, as well as up-close and personal time with me and a select group of other fitness phenoms who will be there to assist me.

But with each passing day, until we're totally sold out, the fee will be going up. In the past this has caused a tidal wave of enrollees. I expect it will do so again this time - as people know I'm serious about raising the amount with each passing day.

And so, if this message resonates with YOU - if YOU want to go to the next level in your health and fitness - and see and FEEL the carryover into every aspect of your life, then enroll now and let's get your show on the road.


P.S. I will be doing almost ALL the teaching at this seminar. In previous fitness seminars I had a lot of other presenters. This one will be different. Believe me now and listen to me later, you're going to return home from this event with a notebook full of ideas, exercises, guidance and knowledge. And your life will be forever changed. Enroll now and let's get it on.

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