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Success Stories and Testimonials

"Dear Sir:
I am writing to commend you on your work with combat conditioning. I am a martial artist for over 30 years and currently an apprentice in Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association with Sifu Larry Hartsell. I teach, coach and study all forms of reality based combat with an emphasis on grappling and street fighting. More importantly I am an exercise physiologist with master's degrees in anatomy and exercise physiology. I am also a licensed orthopedic surgeon. I have often read the literature by the so called experts on conditioning and various other topics. I find your work to be informative, accurate and beneficial. Too many "experts" lack a real understanding of basic principles of exercise science. Although I do not completely know your background, most of what I read from you is right on the mark. It is refreshing to see someone like you present legitimate information. I have used you as an example and instructed my students to research your material for practical knowledge and what I consider to be a strong foundation. I have also used similar workouts as your combat conditioning that have brought "mortal men" to their knees begging for mercy and crying in pain. My students will know who you are and study your material. Thank you for presenting your information to the public.
David Lumsden, M.D., M.S., M.A.

I wanted to thank-you and point out some observations I made this past week. I have e-mailed you before about my progress with the Combat Conditioning program. As I stated in an e-mail before I continued to lift weights along with CC just because of the sheer pleasure it provides. Back in September, I tore all of the tendons in my left wrist while riding a mechanical bull. (Someone dared me.) I have been doing what I could but that was only ab work and Hindu squats. I also couldn't go to the gym to lift. This past week was my first time back. Monday, as I was warming up doing some push-ups some older gentlemen who are the gym "veterans" were getting ready to do some benching. There were about 4 of them, each one of them pulled out some type of cream for their pains. It ranged from Icy Hot to that miracle blue stuff. I over heard them talking about this problem and that problem they had suffered over the years due to lifting free weights. That made me remember about how you and other people point out in your weekly emails that lifting can lead to pain and other problems for lifters and that CC can fix that for people. I decided to pay attention for the rest of the week to see what other people did at the gym. I swear to you, I saw 34 people at the gym that week complain about certain injuries or others having to apply miracle cream to certain joints not to mention some type of brace to help them do an exercise. All of these observations were of different people, some as young as me at 23. This made me think really hard about lifting free weights. I just couldn't justify doing something I loved if it meant I might not be able to function as a healthy adult by age 40. The main reason I e-mailed you is to thank-you for giving me a viable option to lifting. I know I will miss lifting but I think being able to tie my own shoe or play with my child when I am older with out complaining of pain is more important to me. I will be finishing out my "term" at the gym and then it is strictly CC for me. I want to thank you for showing me the light even though it took awhile to sink in. Thanks for the knowledge"

William C. Blouvet

"Matt, I think I ripped you off. I received my tapes yesterday. Reviewed tape 1 and 2 and that information is worth what I payed for all four. I'm going to finish 3 and 4 today. Hell, in 30 minutes I can tell a difference."
Mike Thornton
Lubbock, TX

"The stretching tapes are fantastic! I noticed the difference and I tried it right away after tape 1! It is worth more than the money you charged! I will be ordering some more stuff and the tips are magnificent. Thanks for the great work. Your friend and fan,"
Lenny Moreno
New York, NY

"Dear Mr Furey. One year ago I could not walk, due to a bad back, but thanks to your exercises I am fully recoverd. I feel in the best shape of my life, as I approach 40. Also on March 9th 2002 I will be part of a team of boxers who are going to try and break the world record for continuous punching [ boxathon ]. This event will take place in my home town of Hull, UK. Thank you. Yours truly."
Rob Jackson
Hull, U.K.

"I am a black belt in Shorin Ryu - just started training Muay Thai about the same time that I started Combat Conditioning. My training partner does both. I found the bridging really helped me get my neck strength up quick to handle some of the clinching we do. I am up to 100 Hindu squats and 50 Hindu pushups and am expanding my horizons into handstand, reverse pushups, and hill sprints (ugh!). This is SO MUCH BETTER than lifting. What is another big plus is that I have none of the fears of injury that accompanies lifting heavy. Love your book. 60 days later, even though I only do it 3 times a week, I am WAY stronger now. Thanks."
Major Ronald F. A. Woodaman, USMC
Stafford, VA

"Matt, While I was deployed I used your books Combat Conditioning and Combat Abs religiously in addition to running and ruck marching as much as I could. The result: I lost 20lbs while deployed. My muscular endurance increased dramatically also. Just for shits and giggles I decided to test my 1RM max on the bench press when I got back. Now, before I left I weighed 195lbs with 12% bodyfat at 5'8''. My 1RM before I left was 350lbs. When I came back at 175lbs. and 8% bodyfat guess what my 1RM max was? That's right: 350lbs. So, not only did my bodyfat decrease, but my muscular endurance increased dramatically and I did not lose any strength at all. In addition my wife was amazed at how well my ab muscles showed. We have been together for five years now and she said that she has never seen my oblique muscles show up that well. Hell, getting a "ripped" midsection wasn't even a goal of mine. I just wanted to get strong abs. All of the guys who shared a tent with me during the deployment would kid me as I got up every morning to do the Magnificent 7 you show in Combat Abs. They would see your book sitting on my cot and say, "Oh, are you doing Combat Abs because we are in Combat?". Well, by the end of the deployment, guess what started happening? That's right, one by one you saw everyone else in the tent performing the vacum and the deep breathing exercises until half of the guys in the tent were doing the exercises at some point in the morning. I guess I'm the one who's laughing now. Thanks for the work that you do, it's refreshing to see someone who staunchly supports the armed forces and all that this country stands for.."
Jason Good
U.S. Army

"I receive hundreds of books, newsletters, programs, etc. from self appointed training gurus and 99 out of 100 are just about worthless. I've had the opportunity to read through your ideas and methodologies and you deserve to be commended for putting together such a comprehensive package. I've also viewed your videos and appreciate the manner in which you relay information ... it's presented in a format that allows people to grasp the concepts and integrate them quickly."
Phil Kaplan
best-selling author of Personal Training Profits & The Best You've Ever Been
Sunrise, Florida

"After receiving quite a number of emails from people telling me about their positive experiences with Matt Furey's system of bodyweight exercises, I decided to order his book and video and check it out for myself. Guess what? They're right ... His "Royal Court" of three bodyweight exercises is demanding - and fun. Combat Conditioning, Furey style, is definitely worth exploring ...Furey's exercises offer a wonderful new challenge -- just what the doctor ordered to renew enthusiasm and keep your gains coming. Give it a try."
Clarence Bass
Author of Ripped

"Due to your conditioning program, I gutted out 4 wins last saturday on November 17 to win the '2001 North American Grappling Championships'.........Advanced 170-199 division. It was my best tourney, yet. I am 10-0 and won 4 tourneys since doing your program back in July........unscored upon, too. Thanks again."
Anthony Argyros
7-Time grappling champion

"Matt, Where to start. I am 54 years old and have been doing Karate, Yoga, and Tai Chi for 30 years. I always thought of myself as in shape but always looked for other ways to train my body. I came across your stuff about 18 months ago. I started then stopped. When I stopped I suffered an injury to my lower back. I could not stand straight or walk without a lot of pain. I talked to you about it and you suggested bridging. I was in so much pain the very idea was not appealing, but I tried it any way. Within two weeks the pain was gone. I kept on doing the bridge with the others from the Royal Court and gained six pounds and lost 25% of my body fat. I do the bridge every day now, sometimes twice a day. I currently am getting my upper lip to the mat. Who knows what the limits are to my flexibility but I hope to some day be able to kick over and back. The back bridge, as taught by you, is the best exercise I've come across".
Matt McCormick, Martial Arts Professor
Wright State University
Dayton, Ohio

"I've been interested in bodyweight calisthenics for years and was surfing the web last summer and your sight came up in a search for 'pushups' as I was always looking for new exercises and routines. I read your article on proper back bridging a couple of times over and got down and gave in one shot my neck pain was gone and I was hooked on your system. I have several of your books and a Power Wheel and ardently recommend your products to others. I counsel high school students and often torture them with your exercises. Thanks Matt".
Brian Nesmith

"Matt, In 1999 after years of lifting and various other contact sports I had developed 2 herniated discs in my neck. In May of that year I was doing some heavy incline Dumbell Presses and when swinging the weights up to the start position I felt like I tore my Trap. Like an idiot I kept working out and even did heavy rows that day. Well within a day or two my entire neck, arm and right hand were on fire and screaming in pain. I thought that was it for me as far as working out and I just wanted to be out of pain. I was fortunate enough to have a connection with the New York Giants and spoke to the trainer who hooked me up with the best spinal surgeon around. I had large chunks of disc material lodged in my nerve path and surgery was neccesary ASAP.The nerves were so compressed that the doctor explained it this way instead of a healthy nerve looking like a garden hose yours looks like a typwriter ribbon. Besides removing the damaged discs they had to fuse the vertabrae together. I opted for a titanium plate screwed into my neck instead of a hard collar because this way I could work out the following week.

"The fusion takes about 6 months to occur but mine took less time because they took some bone from my hip making a much stronger and quicker fuseion. It was during those six months as I was trying to rehab my arm with dumbells etc. that I find this guy who has a website about fitness and wrestling. I called that guy (Matt) and ordered some products and inquired about combat fitness and neck strengthening exercises. This was before the book came out and there wasn't that much feed back on bridging and its effect on injured necks.
"So matt says you might not want to do the bridging that I show in the video because of you preexisting condition. So I receive my copy of combat training and what is the first thing I do after the Hindu squats of course the Back bridge. I start by doing the bridge with my hands and trying to touch my nose but it seems impossible. Sure enough after a couple of weeks my nose is on the carpet(I didn't even have a mat yet)Then I finally get a mat and start Bridging without hands and all of a sudden I realize my neck feels great. In a month I was up to 3 minutes and just kept increasing my time all the way up past 17 minutes this last week. I'm really sorry about going on and on and making everyone read this boring story but I thought it may help explain the value of Combat Conditioning. I just want to thank Matt for bringing us these exercises and this forum because without them I never would have been able to rehab my neck and my arm and finally find a fitness program that is both challenging and enjoyable. Matt thanks again for all you have done".
Dave Dreher

"I discovered combat conditioning exercises and more specifically the back bridge through a friend of mine who had found Matt Furey's web site while researching rehabilitating his injured neck. He had just had surgery six months prior fusing two of his cervical vertabrae following a horrible neck injury. Having a herniated disk myself (c5-c6) which occured in 1994 I was eager to try anything. I had resigned myself to the fact that for the rest of my life my neck would be stiff and sore with occasional shooting pains and numbness down my right arm and into my fingers. As a bonous, every once in a while I would throw my neck out every six months or so and be completely immobile for a couple of days.

"After ordering the Combat Conditioning book I slowly started out trying to bridge. The first couple of days I worked on getting to my forehead using my hands. After about a month-and-a-half I tried to take my hands away and I crumbled in about two seconds. I kept at it until I was able to hold a three minute bridge about a month later. Nearly a year later I can hold a 15-17 minute bridge touching my nose (and sometimes my mouth and chin) to the mat.

"The results have been amazing. Not only is my neck free of pain for the first time in seven years, I have complete mobility in my neck and my lower back, which had been destroyed from years of powerlifing. The bridging has also helped tighten up my midsection like no other exercise around. I don't even think about starting my workout without bridging. I have also begun doing some bridging gymnastics and I look forward to conquering that great challenge in the future.

"Back bridging, the king of all exercises, and the other exercises I have learned in the last year have changed my life. I look forward to years of challenging, successful, and pain free workouts. Thanks for everything Matt".
Adam Hirsch

"I remember seeing that pic of Matt doing a back bridge, touching his nose to the mat. I remember thinking to myself, HA! That's IMPOSSIBLE!. Well, three months later, I'm touching my own darn nose to the mat, and holding it there, for three long minutes! First off, I'm 36 years old, and I've never done a back bridge in my life till now. For the first two months, I simply rocked back and forth, daring myself to at least touch my forehead to the mat. When I did, the stretch I got in my back was unbelieveable. It felt fanstastic! After my spine got looser and my courage got up more, I finally pushed myself to touch my nose. WOO-HOO! And then I crossed my arms, and lowered my heels. And then came the hold for time...and the peaceful feeling I got from the deep breathing. By man oh man did I sweat! Pools of sweat drenched the towel I was bridging on... The effects of doing a daily back bridge are too numerous to mention. For one, my back and neck are a heck of a lot stronger and much more flexible. At jiu jitsu class I'm able to last a lot longer and I'm not even sore at the end of class! Where I work, you're standing for most of your 8 hour shift, and everyone complains of back aches or leg aches, even to the point of calling in sick. Ever since I've done bridging, my back has not ached at all (except from being sore from doing those endless reps of Wall Walking and that dreaded Power Wheel!) and when I get the chance to sit done, I'll actually choose to remain standing!

"Most of all, I get a great feeling of accomplishment from being able to do such a rigorous exercise that I once thought was impossible".
Alan Gaa

"My name is Ian, and I have been a profesional wrestler for the last 16 years, since I was 17 years old.I am from Canada and started my adventure there,in Montreal.I was the guy who used to set up the ring and then sell programs in exchange for a chance to be shown the 'ropes' by the guy's before the shows. Well, that didn't prove to be to helpful because they were a bunch of assh**es who basicaly beat me up everyday.Tough guy's,250 pound steroid monsters beating up a kid.I had to live in the back of a pick up truck with the ring because I had no money for the hotel, or food for that matter but I didn't care, I wanted to be a wrestler. The company closed and I sort of drifted around for a few years and one day whem I saw that I had to make a choice, a change for the better or end up nowhere, I called a phone nuber I had for a wrestling company in Mexico. Nobody spoke english, and I didn't speak any spanish, but I got it across some how that I wanted to come down and train real bad. Once that was set up,I wanderd what the hell I was doing and when I arived at the air port, I said to myself'You are realy out of your mind'. To jump ahead a few weeks, they said to me they liked the idea that I was into Vampires(some of the guy's spoke broken english) and rock'n'roll so they started calling me 'Vampiro'. When I debuted, they did it as a joke because I was so bad, I had zero expeience and I looked realy wierd so they thought they had a great 'bad guy'to beat up on. well when they started to beat the livin' daylights out of me, all the teenage girls started to cry. Well next thing you know ol' Jed's a millionaire and my boss said it didn't matter that I could not work, I was the top draw and I was going on the road. In 2 months Vampiromania swept Latin America. I was working 3 and 4 times a day, everyday in front of no less than 18 thousand people per show. I was generating some major dough for everybody but the negatives started to out weigh the positives real quick. I was 22, way to young for that kind of responsibility and way to young to understand the value of money. I hated myself because I was becoming the type of person I hated. Vampiro was huge, movies, soap operas, chicks, cash, ego........all bulls**t. I was also getting injured all the time. Knee operations, head injuries, broken nose, eye socket, everything. I was such a money maker that they didn't care, filled me full of drugs to kill the pain just to get back on the road. I was in the ring 2 weeks after knee surgery. I was so unhappy, I cried everyday. It was so out of control. But I wasn't upset because the entertainment business is the work of the Devil, I was upset because I still couldn't Wrestle. I was such a fake. It hurt me to be that way and my boss would not let me have time off to learn anything. Then one day I met a guy who had just come from Japan and he came from a 'shoot group'called UWF(UNIVERSAL WRESTLING FEDERATION)and these guys were all killers and were trained by some guy named Karl Gotch. Well after spending time with him for a few weeks and having my eye's opend to the world of shooting, I was no longer lost. I knew that there was something out there that was the real deal. I was ecstatic and began an intense training in every martial art I could find. I fell in love with Judo and Tae Kwon Do and began to use my new knowledge in my work. Guys who beat me up for years were now getting there ass beat like ..............well real bad!! Then I saw the Gracie tapes from Brazil. A million things changed and suddenly the martial arts were not all that great after all. My teachers would get real pissed at me when I would tell them there is something out there that's commin' for ya, and it aint' jiu jitsu, some day some one will let the monster out of the bag,that monster being catch wrestling.................

"1O years later. Las Vegas,at the MGM Grand Hotel, the WCW ppv'Halloween Havoc is taking place. I am nearing the end of the match and we get the 'Que' to take it home. We had staged a big finish ,my partner and I were both atnding on the top rope with me facing him, facing towards the crowed. My partner flipped my up over his head so that I was seated on his shoulder's, still facing out to the crowd. I'm 10 or 11 feet in the air and the idea was for him to jump into the ring, placing me down flat on my back but giving the illusion that he slammed me through the floor. Well he slipped. I was spiked head first into the mat.I was lucky I was not killed. My wife refuses to watch the video, ever.

"O.k, jump ahead 4 days..............I went to the hospital because I was not feeling well. Things were not normal.I was not kicking out of this one. They did there check up and the doctor sat my wife down on my bed and said 'You have a broken neck,s ome of your vertabraes are done and you have a level 3 concussion. He told me I would never wrestle again and this being my 17th concussion, it was more than likely that I would have brain damage and would need therapy to correct my speech, learn how to walk again, and thearapy for my hands. I had lost all feeling and my speech was slow and I was forgetting words and who I was and could not walk right. This was great news, especialy when he told me I was not allowed to hold my 2 week old baby daughter.

"I am only trying to tell you that I am a very deep person and this story needs to be told because you might think you know how important Matt's work is but really and this is not an insult, you have no idea. As soon as I heard my wife cry and looked over and saw my little girl, just the thought of not being 'normal' sent a rage through me. Days later I was flipping through a magazine and saw Matt's ad for CC. I asked my doctor if I could try this and she freaked, then gave me the good news, not only could I not do the CC, I was in the first stages of Parkinson's Disease. Great. Well I went home and blasted out some Hindu squats. Then my heart was racin' and did the hindu push ups. Yes, pain but ......peace. My balls got realy big because I was being asked by me, myself to change my destiny, be a man and take care of your family. So I closed my eyes and I tried to bridge. Intense pain, but I opened my eye's and smiled because I saw the truth and knew that this was going to change my life. I continued to bridge and within 6 weeks I won the Montreal BJJ championships, and not by technique, but by defense. The guy in the finals tried to snap me down but I just blocked him and held my broken neck strong. Couldn't budge me! I won for my belif in me and because my neck was so powerful, thanks to Matt. Now a year later I am back and I am in Japan kickn' a lot of ass and feeling groovy thanks to CC. I could go on forever about how deep Matt is and how important his wisdom is, the zen of catch wrestling, how I know for a fact because in my line of work I see them all, how much better Matt's stuff is.

"Matt you are a special man with a purpose here.Y ou are the one who understands the art at its soul and you are a very wise teacher. Your knowledge is real, and you are responsible to see that it is done justice and you are doing just that. I hope all of you will accept me as your friend. I will try not to ramble on forever next time. But understand, I am in the mix everyday, and I can see how this is the real deal. I am humbled and honored to be part of this .

"Thank's for your time, and Matt, thanks for well.......saving my life!!!!!!!!!!!

"P.S. Because of CC, ALL MY MILLIONS OF INJURIES ARE GONE!!!!!!!My knees work! My neck, shoulders, back and everything else is like brand new!!!!!!!!!!! "

Ian Hodgkinson (aka Vampiro)
Tokyo, Japan

"I'm one of the lucky ones who is blessed with a trouble-free back. I was able to touch my nose to the mat fairly quickly. The main benefit I get from bridging is the cessation of tension headaches. If I relax into the bridge and rock back and forth and a little bit side to side, I can feel the muscles stretching. Sometimes my neck will crack. The first time that happened was a little scary. But now I look forward to the "pop". It's almost like magic to get such complete and instantaneous relief. Thanks Matt!"
Steve Gillett

"I sound like a repeat of many of the testimoonials already posted. I have 4 injured disks in my nck. I had frequent migraines and numbness. I am a judo guy and bridging is important for grappling. I am 41 and tried and tried to do the bridge as Matt presented, I could not do it. So I gave up. I figured it was my neck. I was in my garage doing an exercise where I roll side to side doing a single leg bridge (prentnding I am rolling my opponent off of me). All of a sudden 4 min into the exercise I gave the bridge another shot and BAM....I went over and my nose hit the ground. My footing was wrong, not my neck. been doing bridging every other day with no headaches, no problems".
Doug Borro

Got my wrestlers on 15 minutes of combat conditioning a day. it has gone over very well. they very much enjoy something new and different and it adds a lot to each of my practices. i also use it for motivation. If any of my guys get pinned, we will do 10 minutes of bridging and 100 grasshoppers. I hung the sign and there was an immediate crowd and discussion- (a definite sense of long term awareness) when they get put on their back, don't think this threat won't kick 'em in the ass like right now. Also if anyone goes 0-2 at a tourney we all do 100 hindu squats and 100 hindu pushups- every team in any sport would be wise to incorporate your program in their daily routines. just not in eastern Iowa in the sport of wrestling (if you catch my drift). 'Loving every minute of it'".
Chris Lembeck
Head Wrestling Coach
Cedar Rapids Xavier High School

"Hi Matt, I know you like to be kept up to date on progress. So, here's my story. I'm not a Pro fighter or grappler. I was a 37 year old fat guy who thought he was in decent shape. I saw an article of yours in a Black Belt magazine & heard your website mentioned on Live Audio Wrestling, which led me to buy Combat Conditioning. All those exercises were really hard for me. Probably because I was 257 lbs of blubber. Now for the good part. As of today I am 225 lbs of very little blubber (I still have some work to do ). I do the Gotch Bible twice a week with double squats. I've cut my Bible time by 13 minutes in the last 2 weeks. I can actually do a handstand now, and I'm pretty close to doing handstand push-ups. The best news of all is that my back is pain free for the first time in 20 years. I would credit that to bridging. Being that I have never done bridging or handstands in my life until a few months ago, I think I'm doing okay.

Combat Conditioning has changed my life. Not just the physical things I mentioned, but I have a more confident, no quit attitude as well. Keep up the good work Matt. You do more good than you can ever know".
Robert Cowden

"In Combat Conditioning Matt Furey follows in the footsteps of Karl Gotch, taking a classical approach to conditioning. This approach is rock solid. Having used the exercises and having the people I coach and train use them, I have found these exercises to be great. Read the book and learn."
Kim Wood
Strength Coach - NFL Strength Coach

"In real estate the three rules are location, location, location. When it comes to combat sports the three rules are conditioning, conditioning, conditioning. Matt Furey will get you in the best condition of your life with his new book Combat Conditioning. I have used Mr. Furey's methods in my own training and with my Taekwondo students. The results have been incredible. Strength, endurance and flexibility were greatly improved. Whether you are a striker or a grappler or you just want to be in the best shape possible, get this book. On a scale from 1-10, I give it an 11. Forget the gimmicks and the gadgets. All you need is your own body and the desire to follow the program."
Philip Ameris
6th Degree Black Belt

"By following the exercises in Combat Conditioning, my strength and flexibility have never been better. Even though I am in my mid-40's these exercises have allowed me to continue to compete at a high level. As a coach, I can say that anyone who wants to achieve an elite status in grappling or any other combat sport, needs to follow these methods."
Steve Maxwell
Owner of Maxercise Sports Fitness
1999 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion

"I have found no other exercises that increase balance, agility, functional strength and overall grappling endurance like the bodyweight calisthenic exercises outlined by Matt in his grappling magazine (G.A.I.N.) and at his seminars. As a martial artist, I've tried everything from long, slow distance running to high weight, low repetition high intensity 'bodybuilding' style weight training, but found that my time is much better spent doing the calisthenics in Combat Conditioning. I rely heavily on these exercises, as do my students."
Jason Crawford, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Combat Wrestling Instructor

"I have found Combat Conditioning so effective that I have made the exercises the cornerstone of both my personal training and the training of my boxing club. Matt Furey doesn't just teach exercises, however.Combat Conditioning is a philosophy of physical culture that stands on its own and will help ANYONE with the guts to give it a real try!"
Nathan Hatton
President, Wilfrid Laurier University Boxing

"Since I began following Matt Furey's advice on exercise, a couple of chronic injuries have finally started to heal. I have had a chronic neck problem (made worse by rugby) for years, but since following the bridging that Matt has recommended, I am pain-free. I have greater cervical mobility and much greater strength. It's funny, but prior to this, various neck machines and neck harness work did not have the same effect. I also have this shoulder that "pops" out at various times whenever someone pulls my arm or I reach out. Nothing I tried helped. However, after I began the bridging and Hindu push-ups, this popping out no longer happens. A routine of Hindu squats, Hindu push-ups and bridging has improved my overall endurance, allowing me to wrestle for longer periods. Prior to learning this from Matt, I did not believe that I could improve my strength and combat skills without weight training. In each workout I am gaining a little more flexibility and increasing my strength. I highly recommend Combat Conditioning for anyone, athlete or otherwise, who wants to get the most out of himself."
Dr. Brett Jacques, ND
author of Street Sambo

"As a student of combat arts I am always looking for the best available instruction. Not only does Matt teach what law enforcement need to know in a combat situation, but the conditioning program he teaches is the best I have ever seen. I am currently introducing these exercises to police academies and law enforcement. The recruits are quickly recognizing that the curls and bench presses they've been doing for years are not going to help them nearly as much as the conditioning exercises in this book. On behalf of law enforcement I thank Matt for his dedication to this most important subject."
Dante Diotalevi
P.O.S.T. Certified Trainer of Defensive Tactics Instructors

I just received your book combat conditioning and I am very pleased. I have trained as a powerlifter for 12 years now and I am as stiff as a board. While I squatted 940 ( I weigh 375) in the NY state meet last year I am in horrible shape. I am huge and have great one rep maxes ,but I have no stamina. I used to do many of the exercises (minus the hindu squats) when I was a wrestler in high school. I remeber thinking they were dumb at the time and that lifting weights would be a better way to get stronger. LOL funny that 500 lb bench didn't do shit on the mat! Boy! I was wrong and it is funny that here I am 10 years later doing a calestenic workout again ( WHICH FEELS GREAT!). I got your name from reading Brook kubiks stuff and just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your website and books. I will eventually as i gain stamina try to buy all that you sell and incorportate it into my workouts. Thank you for the motivation!"
John Nickless
Syracuse, NY

"I know you are busy, so I'm going to keep this brief. I MADE THE SWAT TEAM! and I have you to thank. Three years ago I tried out for the same position and made the sad mistake believing that weight lifting would carry me through. By the time I got done with the the obstacle courses, running, and pullups, i couldn't do the required number of situps. I was ashamed and I had no one to blame but myself.

This time it was a different story. I smoked that friggin PT test! Guys thatI thought were in shape couldn't cutit.When we all finished, I felt like doing the whole thing over again. My buddies thought I was a sadistic bastard! Gee Matt.....Iwonder where I could have pickedthat up from.

Just a word of encouragement to those starting the program. I am by no means a fitness fanatic (Atleast not yet). When I started, I could only do 15 Hindu pushups 50 Hindu squats, and I would shake like a monkey passing a peach seed when doing the back bridge. Keep working on it and don't listen to those so called fitness expert's comments on the calistenics. If everyone was doing Combat Conditioning,you wouldn't have the edge! Thanks again Matt!"
Ted Epright
Naples Florida

"Mr. Furey,
Not long ago I got a copy of your Combat Conditioning book and I gotta say that I was skeptical. I've trained in various martial arts over the years and thought I was fit, so come time for my first workout from your book I thought 'Hell, this seems simple enough'. So I blast out fifty Hindu Squats and then fifty Hindu Pushups and thought 'Yeah! I'm Good!!'

"Well the next day I woke up and my body was a useless piece of meat. The only reason I knew it wasn't dead was because it ached so much. Now I'm a true believer and have a much more respectful attitude towards these exercises. I'm finding new ways to work them into my daily routine. I even race my kids in Bear and Crab Walking. They don't even know they're getting in shape (they are at that age when they can't yet tell they're being had).

"One way I've discovered to vary the routines is a circuit training I used before with other exercises (Burpees etc.). I pick five exercises out of your book and do one rep of each followed by two then three and so on, without stopping. Because there are so many in the book I never need to do the same workout twice and can work on what I need at a given time.

"Thanks to you and Karl Gotch for putting out a really important idea in an age when people are buying machines that do the workout for them (those pads that stimulate the muscles while you watch TV). Keep up the great work."
Ralph Petulla
New York, NY

Man do these workouts kick my ass! I truly have respect for anyone who can do in excess several hundred Hindu squats and to those who can do them in the thousands. To me that person is an animal. Truly. These workouts are very humbling to say the least. I thought that I had a fairly strong upper body till I started doing Hindu pushups. I am now able to do 50 but It is no easy task and I know that 50 is really just the start. To think that people can do more than a 100 makes me feel like a little stick boy in comparison. I know that the sky is the limit on these exercises but I was wondering what some good (beginner - intermediate) numbers are on the squats and the pushups? I was also thinking yesterday about the Royal Court and testosterone production. If squats and dead lifts of different varieties are big producers of testosterone hitting the Royal Court hard has to serve the same function if not more so. I mean these workouts get the whole body moving and breathing hard to boot! They have to raise testosterone levels. What is your opinion on this? I have been hitting the workouts every day now and hard on most exercises now that my body is starting to get over the initial shock. I still get some soreness every day from the workouts but not to the degree that I started out with. It is definitely a good feeling. Combat Conditioning has added new life to my training and my whole outlook on exercise. Thanks!"
Thad Kittelson
Seattle, Washington

"I just wanted to let you know that because of you, I not only train myself differently, I train my clients with your methods! (I'm a personal trainer.) Your methods are the best at helping people become stronger and definitely more functional. Training for just strength doesn't help me or my clients to move better. The body functions as a whole, and I will never go back to training the way I used to with a lot of isolation movements or split routines. Another great benefit is how quick you start getting results which really helps with motivation! I predict that this is the future of conditioning and I am going to try to steer people in this direction! Keep up the great work! By the way, I really enjoy your newsletter".
Steve Marrell

"As a personal trainer and high school strength coach I have been using many of your training methods, not only for myself, but for friends, family, clients, my staff and students. Using your take on calesthenics and ab work I have been able to reach a new level of intensity in program design. And in a time when BS seems to rule it is great to get straight talk from someone, especially in our field. "
Sal Marinello

I e-mailed you about a month ago telling you that I, once an avid weightlifter for years, injured my back two years ago and had dealt with pain on a daily basis to some degree. I bought your book(combat conditioning)and started "The Royal Court". Matt, I must tell you that I am truly and utterly amazed at the fact that I am pain free. I cannot believe it. I really like to roller blade with my kids but would pay dearly the following few days with lower back pain. To my further amazement, I, for the first time, played roller hockey last weekend and thought that this would bring again my old back pain due to the constant bending at the waist in, for lack of proper nomenclature, the hockey player stance. The next day I had NO PAIN! One last thing to tell you Matt and that is that since my injury, every time that I would lay on my back, my left leg would go numb. I have been to doctor after doctor and was told that was the way it was going to be. In just one month I have gone to where my entire left quad would go numb to just a little tingle in one very small spot. In other words Matt, I am a miraculous success story thanks to The Royal Court. I am now beginning to start on some other exercises and can tell that my functional strength will grow. Like you said, I am doing things now that I couldn't do when I was younger. I do have one question. How many days a week do you hit The Royal Court? Everyday, every other day? Thank you Thank you Thank you. I may sound a little "mushy" but to wake up every morning and be able to jump out of bed is a dream come true. I bow down to The Royal Court."
Jim Hirt

"I purchased the Combat Conditioning book and the workouts I have come up with from that and some articles of yours in different magazines have been fantastic. I've had back surgery and 5 knee surgeries and I feel the best I have felt in a long, long time. It may sound corny, but thanks for everything. It's hard to find honest knowledgeable instruction these days. I have no doubt that any products, tapes,books, or information I can get from you will be top notch and beneficial. When is the pushup book coming out?"
Mark Gaudreault

"Dear Matt,
I'm writing to tell you about the incredible success I've had using your videos and book, Combat Conditioning. As a golf teacher for almost ten years and a martial artist for over twenty, I understand the importance of flexibility, coordination and whole body strength. The exercises in your program completely annihilate any and all fitness programs I've ever seen. At 35 years of age, I'm in the best shape of my life! (its about time, huh?) The bridging has been a great way to improve my spine flexibility and quad strength. (Which is a huge plus for the golf game, I might add.) The Hindu squats are taking layers of fat off me that have been sitting there for years. I can see my abs for the first time in my life! The other day, I put on an old pair of size31 jeans and they were too damn big! The Hindu pushups are such an incredible workout for the entire upper body, that I hardly recognize myself when I take my shirt off. Yes, my wife is diggin' it.You gotta understand Matt, I've been a fitness freak for the better part of my adult life. But nothing has worked so well for me. Ever. I've been a runner, bike rider, tried exercise videos, lifted weights. I could go on and on. I am recommending Combat Conditioning to all of my students and friends. Martial arts and golf alike! There is absolutely nothing better on the market if you want to get in peak, animal, ripped, killer condition in the shortest amount of time imaginable. If anybody who is reading this is looking for the program to get in shape fast. Don't wait! Every day you delay, your just falling behind. If you want to destroy your competition, get the Combat Conditioning book and videos right friggin' now! I ain't kidding! Whatever your chosen sport, you'll be better, stronger and more flexible! You'll never regret one, single penny of this investment. I haven't!

"In closing, I just want to say thank you Matt. You've made a difference in my life that I will never forget. I owe you big.
Sensei Mark Anthony Montaquila.
Author and star of: Tao of Golf

"Dear Matt,
I received your Combat Conditioning book and video tapes 2-3 weeks ago. Just wanted you to know that I am 46 and have remained dedicated to fitness since I was young. Because of my work schedule, I have always gravitated towards calisthentic-type routines so that my workouts can be done anywhere. Also I have periodically had painful knee and back problems throughout my adult life due to previous injuries. If I do not consistently stretch and exercise, pain develops.

"I am telling you this because I was eager to incorporate your exercises into my workouts. I was initially worried about the how my body would react to hindu squats and neck bridges. True, there was a short adjustment period. However, the results of doing both properly have really surprised me. My knees now feel great and my body feels much better doing squats this way than it did when performing the traditional calisthentic squat. Further, the neck bridge, done properly, has really invigorated my whole system. I am mostly doing wall walking and can now put my nose on the ground with feet flat (after warming up into it, of course.) I can not hold this position for too long yet, but I am slowly working on it. It seems to me that the only way to really hurt yourself is to use improper form, to go faster than proper form will allow, or if I try to push too hard too fast. The neck bridge is certainly invigorating my whole nervous system. I work it every morning and the effects stay with me throughout the whole day!

"Thanks alot. I look forward to receiving my current order for Combat Abs and the Farmer Burns course.
Best wishes,"
Paul Kilman

"Hi Matt,
I received the Combat Abs two days ago and all I can say is, you the MAN!!! There are so many exercises to choose from there is no way I'll ever get bored or lose motivation. I've incorporated just a couple of exercises and my enthusiasm is high and my midsection is screaming for mercy. Just to give you an update, I'm up to 420 reps on the hindu squats, 160 push ups, I do around a 100 reps or more on abs session, and I finally touched my nose to the mat. It took me about three months, but I finally did it! There is no one around to appreciate it because they just look at me in amazement and wonder what the heck I am doing to my body. Everyone thinks I've lost my mind! I've been bridging on my new mat that I got from "Fat Bernie." He was very helpful and didn't mind making one for me. Now I just need to hold the bridge for time and get the foundation down solid.

"Keep up the good work Matt and I wish you and your family well. Hope your dad is feeling better and thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us. You don't know how much it has helped and changed my life. Best Regards,"
Karl Tiburcio

"Good morning Matt!
Although it's 8 a.m. here, I'm sure that you have already busted out 1,000 squats and 500 hindu push ups and rocked frank to sleep while holding him in a back bridge! hehe. I have been a follower of your articles and methods for a while now and got the book combat conditioning about nine months ago. About October I fell away from working out because of some personal stress at home and started back into it in December, only I started lifting weights. I read the book power to the people by tsatsouline and started his program in January and completed a one month power cycle. Well, I started looking at your updated website and read every page several times. I then got the CC book out again and in February I started doing the Royal Court every day. What a fulfilling routine! The first time I did hindu squats, I wanted to see how many I could bust out and I did 407, however, it took me 23 minutes to do --way too slow. So since February 1, I've been doing a sample routine that you list in the book : wall walking for 5 reps, 100 hindu squats at the proper cadence (I was able to do them in 2:45 yesterday, almost there), 50 hindu pushups, and the back bridge. Now here to me is the amazing part. You could almost call it having an epiphany during the back bridge. I have always been a fairly inflexible person. I have never been able to touch my toes, legs straight while sitting on the floor and I'm 32. Yesterday, Iwas finishing up the workout and working on the back bridge, concentrating on the breathing and came a hair away from touching my nose to the floor. Excited, I came back down exhaled a sigh of relief, straightened out my legs and went PAST my toes! I couldn't believe it! The key to doing this wasn't in stretching out my hamstrings, but in loosening up my back through the back bridge! And I wouldn't have found this out unless for you and your work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

"I just wanted to let you know what was going on and encourage you to keep up the good work! I look forward to purchasing "Combat Abs" next payday and am excited to see what else is coming down the pike!
Tim Morenz

"Hey Matt -
I thought I was strong until I began Combat Conditioning and Combat Abs - hah! I've been slowly building up to some of the beginner's respectable numbers in the royal court. After my last workout I wrote in my training journal one word: 'HUMBLING!' Thanks for the great stuff!"
Jon Schultheis

I got your book, combat conditioning in the mail yesterday, WOW! I've worked out all my life and stay in fair shape. For the last month I have given up weights in favor of push ups, dips and pull ups when I read about your book I thought I would start cranking those babies out. I'm not sure that crank is the right word, maybe pop and crackle because that's what my body was doing when I tried to bridge or do Hindu push ups. I've got a lot of work to do, put I'm already hooked. God Bless you for your fine book and your willingness to share your knowledge. When I can bridge for 3 minutes I'll e-mail you a picture. "
Bob Adams

"I am 48 and have developed lower back pain, probably from running 10-15 miles per week for 30 years. I figured I was beginning to suffer "runner's back" and did not think too much about it. Changing my sit up routine gave a little relief, but standing for periods longer than 10 minutes would cause my lower back to tighten up and really be sore. I read some of the testimonials on your web site, ordered your "Combat Abs" book and received it this past Friday. I have done the "Magnificent Seven" exercises everyday since then. I went to a meeting last night and had to stand for over 30 minutes and did not realize my back was not hurting until I got home. Amazing!

"Thanks for the help. I'll be substituting your stomach routines to my calisthenics. "
Dean Soderstrom

"Matt this is awesome, i am doing the bridge and my neck hasnt felt this good in years, my chiropractor told me i would have neck problems for the rest of my life, but after one week of doing the bridge, i have no more pain(nose is half an inch away from touching the floor) once i can afford to buy the combat conditioning book i will, yoga was never this good....thanks!"
Edward Lira

"I have the Combat Conditioning videos playing in our strength room most of the day for our athletes to watch. We are working on incorporating Combat Conditioning with our full-body explosive and strength lifts. As an old wrestler, I really appreciate that you and Karl Gotch are bringing back old training that I used as a wrestler along with Olympic style lifting that both gave me good success as wrestler and coach. The athletes here love the combination of the two and really understand the functionality of each. Thanks".
Ethan Reeve
Director of Strength and Conditioning
Ohio University

"I am writing you this letter to give yet another praise for "free-hand (or Hindu) squats." Any one who is even a little familiar with professional hockey knows about Jaromir Jagr of the Pittsburgh Penguins. He is the top NHL player period! Hands down there are few in his class in the sport today. One of his most outstanding talents is his amazing acceleration and powerful skating ability. He can skate circles around opponents and throw defensemen off his back with one arm as he skates in perfect stride. During a game last year a commentator remarked on his huge thighs and speed skating ability, then he mentioned his training program SQUATTING! 500 reps in his bedroom every day when he was in Slovakia preparing for pro hockey. If you ever get a chance to watch him play you will see the power of squats in action!!"
Nick Castelluccio
Brooklyn, NY

"I am very pleased with the tapes. You did an outstanding job explaining each exercise in detail. I was doing the exercises incorrectly. It's such a help to see you do the proper form, not to mention the proper speed of an exercise. I don't think anyone with the book should be without the tapes. I believe I am one of many who was doing the exercises incorrectly. I am looking forward to your push-up book and future videos."
Kevin Hardy
Piedmont, CA

" Love the tapes! They are just perfect at explaining the exercises, and the suggested workouts are ass kickers. After your suggestion of 100 pushups min. a day, I got 45 today, and have broken the plateau. I find that because of my height, (about 6'1"), I bend too far forward at the waist to tip the floor every time. Thanks for the alternative method for us weirdoes! Can't do the pushups on the back of my wrists yet... But gives me something else to shoot for. I really liked the workout suggestions you gave at the end of the pushup tape also. All in all, the tapes are totally inspirational. They mean a lot more to me because you do the reps in the tough ones, and sweat along with the student. A lot of people like to talk the talk...you walk the walk."
Kenny Burner
Huntington, W.VA

"Your videos were definitely worth the wait! Trying to keep up with you, and maintain coordination, was the best laugh I've had in a week. Well, it's great to see how the exercises are actually performed. The videos are so much help in that area! Thank you once again for sharing your education with us all. I am one awfully sore old lady right now! But, I keep going back for more!"
Coral Glosser
York, PA

"I received your video's today. These tapes are the real deal. I've been a weight lifter for 15 years. I stopped lifting completely when I got your book. Now with the videos these exercises are even more effective. I was doing some of the exercises slightly wrong, but now I got em right. My 10-year-old son did 90 straight Hindu squats tonight, fingers touching the floor. Your book & videos were the best things I ever bought. Myself & my entire family are on our way to superior fitness thanks to you, & Karl Gotch."
Dave, Dina, Matt, Alex, & Courtney Grossman
Coral Springs, FL

"Allow me to join in on the flood of praise for your videos. They have made a BIG difference in my understanding of Hindu Squats, Jumper Squats, bridging and Wall walking. They are 100% pure protein with no wasted space, additives or fillers! And seeing how these exercises should be done adds even more fuel to my desire to train! Good luck with your future efforts, and thanks again for your additions to the lore of martial arts and fitness!"
Jim Boelter
Jamestown, NY

"I am writing you just to thank you for how fantastic your were to my parents. A few months ago my parents came to you to secure a book of yours that I had asked them to get me for Christmas. You see I have few hobbies, and the study of the martial arts is one of them. My wife however doesn't share my enthusiasm. So when I can get a gift that reflects my interests I am really pleased. Not only did you get the book for them, but you signed it and allowed them to take some pictures with you. The time that you took out of your busy schedule really made an impression on them. I have enjoyed your articles in Black Belt and in Grappling. I now enjoy them even more knowing how cool you are. Thank you for your time and great articles.
Jonathan Brand

"Mr Furey, Day 29-I'm up to 100 Hindu Pushups and 380 Hindu Squats, and I feel great! I'm still waiting to get a floor mat for the Backbridging, because my place has all hardwood floors. Great results! My legs are turning into rocks, and I feel my upper body is, on the whole, harder than ever! I've lost an inch or so off my waist and gained 5 pounds overall! Talk about progress, and in only 15 to 19 minutes a day! Also, my boxer's stomach is harder than it's been in a long time. Thank you again, and say "thank you" to Mr. Gotch for me."
Sergio Ayala
Oklahoma City, OK

"Dear Matt,
Made it to NC safely and have just started using the 'big' power wheel and the power push-up. My friend and his kids concur with me that they are great. He said his shoulder already feels better just from two short sessions with the pp-up. He is going to order one of each through your web site soon. Now we are going to watch 'neck cranks' and I think he will soon be a convert to combat wrestling also. Thanks again-it was great meeting you. I look forward to getting a training session in next time I'm in Florida.
Sincerely, "
Marc O'Connor

"Dear Matt, Thank you for your help with the Power Wheel. After using it for a week I all ready am seeing great results. Thank you again.
Arlene Miller
"Matt, I wonder if all the nay-sayers of bodyweight calesthenics know how many success stories there are from people who do combat conditioning. Here is one more. I currently study kickboxing, jiu-jistsu, and phillipino martial arts, but my first love is wrestling which I started at 10 years old. I thought weight training was the way to go for strength and endurance. I went on vacation recently and because I didn't want to pay any gym fees while I was home I said to myself, 'I guess I'll settle for doing the CC exercises for a week'. Well Matt, a day was all it took for me to realise that I was in no kind of shape compared to where I could be. Now, fast forward a couple of months and I feel absolutely like a new person. Once I got to the point where I could do 300 straight hindu squats in 8 1/2 minutes, 65 hindu pushups (still weak I know, but I'm working on it) and hold a nose to the ground bridge for three minutes, a number of things happened: 1) I lost the last 10 pounds that would not come off from running; 2) I have no more pain from weight lifting injuries; and 3) When I box and wrestle/grapple-I simply NEVER GET TIRED!!! The power and explosiveness in ALL my techniques is better than when I was 18 years old. People who have never tried this stuff just don't understand the absolutely amazing lung power one gets from hindu squats. I love the bridge and the hindu pushups, but for me the best part of CC is the amazing benefits of the hindu squats. The way I train them now is to have days where I may go a little slower pace just to get used to doing more, and then have days where you do just a few more than you could do before at the proper speed-this method works for me. Anyway, thanks a lot, Matt. I would love to be able to attend one of your seminars someday, I love learning new techniques and ideas and always try to be an eternal STUDENT of the game.
Peace and respect,"
Ken James
Grand Forks, North Dakota

"Dear Matt,
I just wanted to let you know how much bridging has helped me. For several years, I have had low back pain. I had some physical therapy that helped. I was given exercises and stretches which kept the pain under control, sometimes I would be pain free for weeks at a time. But every couple of months I would have a flair up (sometimes so bad that I could barely walk). And I always had to be very careful about my physical activity. About four months ago I read about bridging on your website and then ordered 'Combat Conditioning' and started bridging regularly. I can now bridge flat footed without using my arms for support and can touch my nose to the mat. I hold for three minutes. I haven't had a back pain flair up since I started bridging and I have really upped my physical activity. I have even been able to deadlift without pain. BRIDGING IS GREAT! Thanks Matt!"
Yancy Jencsok

"Dear Matt:
I must say that when I saw the Power Wheel on your website I was downright pissed off. I had come to trust Matt Furey as a conditioning guru and now here he is hocking some wheel with all the other late-night infomercial losers. I walked around a couple of days wondering if I should throw out my Combat Conditioning book and videos or even send them back to you with a "thanks for selling out" letter.

After settling down, I decided that if you really believed in it I could give it a shot, and besides, I could always return it with a nasty letter.

Even when I received the wheel in the mail I did not even open it for a day. To say I was a skeptic was an understatement. When I finally opened the Power Wheel I thought "well I'll just crank out about a 100 or so reps on this thing and send it back." Ten reps later I was saying "damn, this thing is hard as hell!" But the great thing about the Power Wheel is its versatility. I now use it for pushups and I variety of other exercises outlined in the brochure that accompanies the Power Wheel.

No joke, in just one week I could tell a difference in my core body strength and in my shoulders. All I did was follow the routine that came with the Power Wheel. It took me 10 minutes a day at most. My workout now consists of the Royal Court and the Power Wheel. The best thing about the Power Wheel is that it can be used in so many different ways that you will never be bored or dred working out with it.

Thanks Matt for converting a skeptic."
Greg Shockley

"Hi Matt,
You were right, the Power Wheel kicks butt alright. My abs are SORER than SORE after only a wee fiddle around with the wheel from hell. Thanks again for more painful pleasure."
Paul Condron
United Kingdom

Thanks again for your usual quick service.

First Combat Abs: I have been doing the Magnificent 7 about 5 days a week for three weeks. Last Sunday, as I head for the shower after a run, whooa...I have these new divots in my midsection! I have never had such quick and visible results from any routine! Especially one which last maybe 15 minutes.

Power Wheel: That device has the power to exhaust and humble anyone. It will flatten you in a couple of minutes!! Thanks and keep up your great work!"
Keith Hamilton

"First of all, I placed an order on Nov 30th and got it yesterday and that's amazing. Second, the order was for the chest expander video and one chest expander and I used it last night and today when I was doing my arm swings (warming up) I actually didn't hear the "SNAP CRACKLE POP" that I usually hear and that's even more amazing.

Third, I thought I'd be cool and buy an orange one and needless to say - I ain't that cool so I'm going over to your site right now and ordering some easy ones.

I just wanted to say thanks!!!"

Andy McMillen

"Dear Matt,
In the less than two months I have been doing the Royal Court exercises, the results have been phenomenal. At age 44 with a bit of a spread, I have had to start slowly, but I am making progress with those 3 excercises. I feel and look stronger than I have in 15 years. I never thought that would be possible without weight training. Weight training is not always convenient as my wife and I travel a lot. These exercises are very portable, and as such, I have actually been able to stick to a regular training schedule. And to have the progress without the muscle stiffness that weight training brings is a real blessing. I can't think of a conditioning routine that would be of more value to a Martial Artist. Strength and flexibility make a great combination. Keep bringing us more information!

Doug Hogetvedt

If there's one thing that I've taken from your stuff it's the wallwalking!! I love it. You can do it practically anywhere. I slam out 10 reps on the bathroom door when I'm giving the kids a bath, I use it to warm up before weight training in the morning. It's helped my lower back greatly and finally as you state, It has helped my bridging."

Darrin F. Coe, MA
Martial Arts Instructor

"Hey Matt! I just wanted to tell you that I love your Combat Conditioning and Abs books. I recently also got all nine of the European Strands and the Power Push up. They don't look like much but man are they butt-kickers! I just wanted to tell you that this morning I did my personal best in the Hindu Pushups, and I feel euphoric! It feels so good! Thank you for your inspiration, and keep up the great work!"

Mark A.Thomas, Jr.
Cary, NC

"Matt, Your book"COMBAT CONDITIONING" has� helped me� live a pain free existence for the 1st time in years. I was injured in a car�accident two years ago and every day was i was ridden with pain. Getting up in the morning was agony. I could not train consistently as my back would freeze up. I bought your book through iron online. As soon as I did a back bridge I felt how weak the muscles of my middle back were. In 2 weeks I noticed the change. Doing back bridges 3x a week I feel� my back getting stronger. I still cannot get my nose to the mat but I am working on it.Thank you again."

Anthony Passero

"Dear Mr. Furey:
I just wanted to thank you for putting out the information on combat conditioning. I've been practicing Taekwondo now for about 2 years and I'm at the brown belt level. I really enjoy doing it but I've also been getting a very sore lower back from it. Especially the next day. My whole life actually (I'm 35 years old) I've had lower back soreness. I was looking for some exercises to help and then I starting to follow your program (I bought the three videos and the book on Combat Conditioning). I've been doing bridging (which at first I didn't honestly think was doing much for my back). I'm pretty flexible and have been able to get my nose on the mat from day one. Anyway I just noticed my back pain is GONE! The only thing I can contribute this to is your exercises. Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the help that you have given me through your teachings. Keep up the good work!"

David Webb

"I am a 32 year old Emergency Physician and have been involved in martial arts for over half of my life. Since starting Brazilian Jiu Jutsu about six years ago, I have had a problem with recurring mid and upper-back pain. While not constant, it would come back every couple of months and was really plauging me. I heard about your book Combat Conditioning Exercises and researched what I could find about you and the exercises. I was a bit skeptical of the claims that doing the royal court exercises would really have any effect on back pain, however I wanted to try. After 2 months of doing reps of hindu-pushups, back and front bridges, and hindu squats I now have no more back pain. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. My endurance and functional strength have improved markably. I do these exercises religiously. I now recommend�them to athletic people who come in to the ER I work who have back pain.

"Last week while doing a takedown, I landed wrong with all the weight on the outside of my shoulder and blew apart my AC joint. It is a grade 4 seperation where the AC joint is no longer, the clavicle floats freely from the acromion, and is pushing up 3 cm into the trapezius muscle. Normally this is a debilitating injury, at times requiring surgical repair. I was at work in the ER the next morning, and by 2 days later I was hanging curtains in my family room with my wife. Due in large part to the full range of motion in which I have functional strength (mostly from the exercises in your book) I only needed a sling for 2 days and now my shoulder barely hurts. Granted it will take a few months of rehab to get back to 100%, I just want you to know what a differance the exercises in your book have made in my life. I don't have a lot of time for exercise, and I am so grateful I found your book so that I know that there are no better exercises out there for me to be doing period. Thank You."

Richele Westlake

"Matt, It's been about a year since getting "combat conditioning" and six months since the power wheel. I've been involved with fitness and martial arts for almost 30 years now and I can say without hesitation that your teachings and insights are the absolute best I have ever encountered. God bless you and keep up the good work."

Bob Adams

I have been in the U.S. Army for 16 1/2 years, and over the years I have gotten banged up.� I have a bad neck that I have lived with for all of those years due to a car accident; a shoulder that hurts more often than not; a back injury from�weight lifting; and two knees that ache due to hereditary arthritis. � I just came back from a short tour in Southwest Asia in support of Operation�Enduring Freedom.� While sitting around one day, I saw your add in a Black Belt magazine.� I read it, then visited your website, and researched you and your info on the Internet.� So, I said "what the heck?"� It's only $35.00. � After�only approximately two weeks, my neck feels stronger and doesn't ache all of the time, especially when I wake up.� It gets better everyday.� My back, knees and shoulder feel stronger and ache less as well.� � The Hindu squats made my thighs really sore, but it was different than before.� It was to the bone, but it didn't "cripple" me like soreness from weights.� � My neck will never be perfect again, but I can live with 99%.� I was really skeptical at first.� I was afraid that I would injure it more severely.� But,�I eased into it.� I can do a minute now on the body bridge, and my nose is getting closer to the floor.� If nothing but my neck improved, the $35.00 was well spent and my quality of life improved as well.� The body bridge has helped my back as well. � My biggest challenge has been correct form on the Hindu pushups.� Having been in the Army for so long, I know the importance of correct form.� It's critical to prevent injury, promote conditioning and a must to be counted on our physical fitness test.� My reps are going up, but I'm in no hurry.� I try to add one or two reps each day that I do them...normally every other day. � Again, I am impressed.� It has been the best $35.00 that I have ever spent.� I will definitely point people in your direction."

Chris Horne, U.S. Army

"Dear Matt,
I put your DEEP BREATHING training to the test this weekend. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical, but the rationale for the training was sound ie... you just gotta breathe. I have been following the training for the last year, and this weekend I ran and completed the SQUAW PEAK 50 Mile Trail Race. This 50 miles is no BS and considered one of the hardest ultras in the country. Furthermore I live at sea level, and the race is in Utah where the altitude of the race ranges from 4,400 ft to 9,200 ft. Now take into count that I am not the average ultrarunner. I weighed in at the race at 220 LBS, much bigger than what you would expect an ultrarunners build to be. I could not have done it without the Deep Breathing Training that I learned in your Combat Abs book. Thanks Matt."

Jeff Kirkham
Seattle, WA

"Matt, just received your labor day package special including Combat Conditioning...and it was like Christmas ... you have sent me to the next level of my training ... been doing mixed martial arts for over 15 yrs(Judo/Muay Thai(3diff instructors)/JKD(1 instr)/ChinNA/TrapBoxing/etc. And your programs are not only progressive but effective and filled with common sense... Again thanks a million for your videos/books/and email lessons/etc. You are a light in the darkness of chaos/confusion."

David Tamura
New York, NY

"Hey there mistuh big guy furey. My sincere and appreciative compliments on your latest hot off the press editions of no b.s. fureyism's! Heart warming...inspiring...and, darn right motivating...there, pardner!! yahoo! I march with confidence once again thanks to his excellency's...mr. "shoot 'em straight, don't care nothin about the derogatory comments!...furey"'s efforts! when something is unadulterated pure greatness...what can a feller do, but get on the wagon and start doing it himself too? I am actually starting right now here today with putting my goals down on paper...and starting to actually follow through with all these things that I should be doing, have always wanted to be doing, and know are the right things to be doing (and are all nicely listed, explained, and hammered home so very effectively in these issues...!). THAT is how this months mailings have affected me, and just wanted to say uh..., thank you, sir...hyuk, hyuk, thank you. Never mind the web site, the products, and, the furey corporation...all of which are unreal...I know because I use 'em, and they work excellent...but I am mostly impressed with this funny guy "m.f." who genuinely says exactly what is good, and true...no matter how the rest of the herd may react. That does earn my respect. It is a very rare occurence for me (to have anything, or anyone earn my respect!...), but you are one dude that I can sincerely, without any reservations say to: thanks!!, you really do a good work. God bless you, senor... mucho gracias, and,"keep it up!!!" (no derogatory comments intended, mrs. furey...)
sincerely yours,"

Ken Johnson,(of "Ken Johnson's No B.S. Fitness Retorts!",Canada.)

"Mr Furey,
Your method of conditioning is the absoulute best around. The things I have been able to do with my body have revolutionized my training as well as my social life. Yes, my social life, people at parties are incredibly impressed when I can have a 200 pound person sit on my chest for 20 seconds while I bridge. Thanks for everything."

Steve Jessup

"I began your Combat Conditioning exercises last October. Starting at 20 Hindu squats. Today, August 10, 2002, I did ONE THOUSAND Hindu Squats in about 45 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I feel GOOD! THANKS, MATT!! I was told never to do squats with weights when I was a teenager because of my bad knees. HA!, my knees have never felt better. Not to mention the size of my friggin' legs.Sincerely,"

Rob Harmon

"Matt Furey,
I just wanted to write you and let you know how your push-up series has changed my shoulder joint and strength. I suffered from an old rotator cuff injury for years now. I have lifted weights and possibly even done more damage than good. I recently left my gym and have been unable to afford to continue to go back. I instead invested in your book and video series. I have been doing your work out for 2 months now and I have never enjoyed such flexibility or shoulder strength. I wanted to thank you for your break down of the proper form (hindu push ups have always killed my rotator cuff injury until now!!) of push ups. I still have been struggling a little with the bridging part of the Royal Court, but i think it will come in due time. I cant believe the effectiveness of body weight exercises! I have been able to enjoy m! y Martial Art practice more so than ever. I have also been weight free and never felt better. I feel like I am more in tuned with my body as a whole, not seperate parts. You know how it is when you go to the gym, back and biceps this day, chest and triceps that day. No more of that crap, I do a FULL body workout 6 days a week as opposed to the 3 days I would go to the gym to wait for weights and be in the presence of some people with serious complex issues. I just wanted to thank you for showing me how to restore my old injury and for getting back in tune with myself. Thanks!,"

Joel Champ

"Hi Matt,
I'm a 38 yr old Martial Artist who bought your first book Combat Conditioning and didn't believe the exercises would work. I continued to lift weights and in my BJJ class felt weak at 5'8" and 205 lbs. I picked up the book and started doing the Hindu Squats, Hindu Push ups, back bridges and I've never looked back. I can do 30, 100-straight squats, 30 second bridge, touch my nose to the mat. Combat Conditioning works!!!"

Kevin Goodbee

"Hi Mr. Furey,
Just wanted to drop a line and say that your Combat Conditioning book is great! I have had pain in my knees for the past 10 years and after just 2 weeks of doing Hindu squats the pain is gone!! Thank you very much. Without your book it probably never would have gone away. Thanks"

Bill Kimmel

"Hi, Matt! Thanks so much for your work. I first saw you in a NAPMA presentation doing Hindu squats. I'm 35 years old and have had knee problems since I was a teenager. Not anymore! I do several hundred daily, and now working on the one leg pushup. I'm so glad that someone is 1) returning to ancient wisdom instead of the latest thing; and 2)has the guts to swim against the current! I've listened to personal trainers, fellow martial arts instructors, and (dang it!)aerobics chicks for years...No one ever helped me solve the issue. I now enjoy more flexibility and strength than ever before, without pain! Thanks again. Oh, and the bridge rules. Back and neck pain are a thing of the past. Keep up spreading the good word."

Kurt Frankenberg
Colorado Springs, CO

"Hello Matt:

"Here is an interesting personal story. To keep it short, I had prostate cancer surgery (successful) that has kept me out of work for the past month. I knew I had this thing about 2 months before the surgery. As I was pondering the possible bad side effects and balanced them with the prospect of certain death if treatment was delayed too long, I made my life and death choices all while moving into a new house and raising two young children.

"Anyway, I had been doing a steady regimen of Combat Conditioning for about 9 months now. I tried to get in the best shape I could before the surgery because everyone said (I spoke with 8 doctors in all) you (meaning me) would be out of commission from anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 months to forever (some people don't recover). I am 48.7 years old. "My recovery time was more like 2.5 weeks. I felt 100% after only 3 weeks. Although I had the best surgeon for this type of surgery in the Atlanta area, I credit much of my physical recovery to the Combat Conditioning program! I can't prove it but I believe it strongly.

"So, I have not used your stuff against a mugger yet, but I believe it sure helps beat Cancer!"

Paul Thompson
McDonough, GA

I used to be a catcher ad my knees have given me problems over the years, however, after about 3 weeks of "only" doing 25 Hindu squats on a daily basis, I can now run bleachers again and much of the pain I used to experience is all but gone. I also was a wrestler and the neck bridges are great! I'm a believer! Thanks for your info."

Bert Delagarza

First of all, I'm really looking forward to the "Gama Fitness" course. I ordered the "Honor Student" version for myself as an early Christmas present and now I have to wait another three weeks before it gets here. Aarrrgh !!

"On to the main point: More than two years after receiving the 'Combat Conditioning' material, I am finally bridging. It was hard for me due to stiffness in the shoulders, lower arms, and wrists, but the isometric stretching techniques from 'Combat Stretching' finally allowed me to get my hands into position so I could push off from the mat and get into a wrestlers' bridge.

"Needless to say, this is a real 'buttkicker' of an exercise. But the most exciting result is that my lower back pain and stiffness has effectively vanished after only two weeks (and seven sessions) of bridging! That's remarkable. Bikram Yoga, chi kung, deadlifting, physical therapy exercises - none of those modalities worked completely. Things were getting to the point where I was having difficulty walking any distance or standing at the sink to do dishes. The improvement has been awesome.

"I have to say that seeing the 'Bridging Chi Kung' sequence from Combat Stretching keeps me going. I want to have the benefits that were obvious on your face after you got up from the mat. It made a believer out of me. Thanks again and good luck with your future endeavors."

James Boelter

"I am pleased to say that I am extremely satisfied with the Combat Conditioning workout. While only trying this workout briefly, I feel that this workout benefits me more than anything else that I have done in the past. As a police officer, I firmly believe that I have lost the right to get out of shape and I live by that rule. Combat Conditioning is taking me to the next level. I've always been in weight lifting shape and boxing shape, but I'm happy to do away with the weights. I never thought I would be able to do neck bridges and hand stand push ups. I leave the weight room now drenched in sweat, while the weight lifters are aren't sweating at all."

Leonard Pini
Newton, MA

"Dear Matt,

I want to thank you for reminding me how to train. Not since I played football have I gotten into this kind of shape. My 15yr son has improved on strength better than any weight program could do. In fact, he enjoys your workout. Matt I just want to say thanks."

Brian Thompson

" Matt,
I got to tell you this Combat Conditioning stuff rocks!!! I practice martial arts so I needed a way to stay in shape. I tried body building. I got bigger, stronger, and fatter, less flexible, and my endurance went down the tubes!! I also blew my knee out doing weighted squats. After months of walking around with a stiff legged limp, I decided to give combat conditioning a try. My endurance, has returned, my shoulders and neck are strong and relaxed and my knee has begun to work again!! Not only that, but due to my low blood sugar I used to wake up horribly grouchy in the morning (until I got the proverbial coffee and donut). Ever since starting Combat Conditioning in September, my blood sugar has seemed to straighten out and I'm actually a reasonably nice guy in the morning. I don't normally waste my time writing testimonials but I'm sold on Combat Conditioning. This is the best conditioning program that I have ever used and I make it a point to tell my martial arts buddies that Combat Conditioning works!!
Take it easy,"

Tom Haefner

" Dear Sir:
I purchased your book some time ago at East Coast Martial Arts Supply in Orlando Florida. Using your combat abs system I have taken 16 full inches off my waist. I look so much better I think that it saved my marriage!

Rick Hackworth

"My name is Lee Wright. I live in the Uk. I am a submission fighter. Basically I just want to say that everyone that I know trains in weights. It's weights this, weights that ... Well since reading one of your articles in Grappling, I tried bodyweight training. I have never felt as healthy, as explosive, as agile as I do now. I have gained so much, why is it so hard a concept for people to realise?? I am in the best shape of my life, I have such a passion for training now that it's unbelievable. I just wanted to say .. thanks!"

Lee Wright

"Dear Matt, I am 36 years old and have been a competitive athlete my whole life. I am a former division I collegiate athlete who has trained using just about every imaginable program. This being said, I have always been a proponent of bodyweight exercises vesus weightlifting and have had many an argument over which is better even though I did lift weights. I loved finding articles on the exploits of Herschel Walker and people like him who achieved magnificent fitness levels without the weights. Well Matt I can't tell you how thrilled I was to find your website and eventually purchase your materials. The only people who would argue that your workouts aren't superior are people who have never tried them. I have never been so energized by a workout regimen in my life. At 36, when athletes seem to begin to lose a step and make excuses regarding diminished performance, I feel quicker and stronger than I have in years. I think there is a physical and mental advantage to working out alone and in the solitude of a track, beach, basement or whatever. There is nothing cooler than seeing a clip of an old boxer working out in a dark, dingy room with just desire and commitment to push him. Let's face it, that's all you need. Matt, in my opinion, your program exemplifies this rugged, no nonsense approach to training and anybody that eschews this is either afraid to try or just isn't paying attention. My kids are also enjoying the fun. What could be better? Thanks Matt."

Rolf Troha
Joliet, IL

I bought the royal court a year ago. Since then I've lost 35 pounds of junk in-the-trunk and built a solid base for the future. I still don't have the six-pack abs, but I'm working on it. I started doing inverted push-ups (I call em nose busters) and I am up to 22reps now. I am 37 , 6'3" and I am in better shape now than I was in my early 20's. I guess what I am trying to say is thanks.
Kickin A$$"

Steve Aaron

"Hi Matt,
here I am, back from one sad excursion to the world of kettlebell training. I've tried them, and believe me, I am a worker, I like pain. So, after one month of regular kb training, I try the handstand pushup... and can barely squeeze out 5 reps... before I tried kb's, I did 15, without breaking a sweat. I tried Hindu squats, and man, was I winded... the only possible consequence: forget about the kb hype, get back to calisthenics. And your method is the best I know. So, thanks again, Matt.
Best regards,"

Norbert Matausch
Landshut, Germany



"Hello Matt,
My name is Greg Hall and I do your combat conditioning exercises religously. I also teach a little and all my students copy the exercises. They have made a massive difference in my physique and strengtrh and stamina and also my determination when competing and sparring. I have a friend who trained with me for years but was always very weak and soft sine doing the routines he is punching kicking and grappling a lot better and he says the improvement in his body is also immense. I love physical exercise and will be doing the exercises until I am 90 if I can. Cheers!"

Greg Hall
United Kingdom

Thanks to your products, I am now the new teen middle weight (im 16) NAGA champion of the world. Before I invested in your products I was very out of shape and not determined to win. I was just lifting weights and when I got tired during my matches, I would not recover. This time was going to be different.... I walked on that mat with the thickest face and the blackest heart and the fact that I could out last my opponents gave me great confidence. Before when I competed, I was too nice (I actually asked my opponent if he was ok after I did an accidental "light" slam from the guard.) Well I stepped on the mat with a new mind and a new body and took home the championship. Thanks so much for your No BS training methods."

Mike Caramiello
Marlton, NJ

"Dear Matt,
Being a U.S. Marine in a field unit, I spend much of my time in Physical Training, and I'll admit, I thought that I was in peak physical condition. 2 months ago I began your combat conditioning program and quickly realized that I had been missing something. While platoon PT consists of mostly running and incorporates some bodyweight exercises (i.e. pushups, pullups, crunches) I had been spending the bulk of my personal training time in the weight room, lifting heavy. It embarassed me the first time I tried to do a reverse pushup and couldn't. I wrestled freestyle and greco since I was 8 and was a state runner-up in high school, I wish I knew then what I know now. I haven't set foot in the weight room in the last 2 months. My 3 mile run time has dropped to below 18 minutes, I've lost a good 10 lbs and my bodyfat has dropped 4%. You can see the difference and God knows, I can feel the difference. I've in! troduced the rest of my squad to your program and we've been incorporating "The Royal Court" into our platoon PT. From all of us "combat athletes," Thanks for helping us kick ass and take names in a hellish and unforgiving manner."

D "Bubba" Byng
"Golf" Co, MCS Battallion

"Dear Matt,
I came across you via articles in Grappling and by surfing the web. At 40, and having gone through all sorts of training programmes of the years I was, to be honest, at first a little suspect of some of your claims. Boy was I wrong! I set scepticism aside, stopped my normal training routine (I've been doing aikido for past 12 years, and before that I had 7 years of chinese boxing and about 5 years of judo) of weight training and stretching. I JUST did Hindu squats/pressups and worked a bit on bridging (it still sucks, but I1m getting there) for 3 weeks and I1m blown away by the results!! My stamina is up, as is my flexibility and I1m beginning to feel stronger than ever. You sir are, as us Brits say 'the dog's bollox' (i.e. You're the real deal!). You've transformed my approach to strength and fitness. THANK YOU!!!! Take good care."

Paul Kerr
Amstelveen, Netherlands

"Matt, I am a US Marine stationed overseas. I am also a wrestler/judoka and the Marine who developed the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. I use your courses regularly. I like your no-nonsense approach. Particularly as I get older, bodyweight exercises are quick, flexible, all-encompassing and convenient. Keep up the good work!"

Lt Colonel George Bristol

"Dear Matt and Family,
I hope this missive reaches you in good health. I received my order yesterday and couldn't wait to start viewing the videos. I was up till 2:00 am our time and couldn't believe the amount of information contained in the "Defend Yourself, Defend America" videos. The "Bush Vs. Saddam" video was hilarious, especially the "Guest Referee", but the seriousness and effectiveness of the techniques could not be faulted. I'm getting quite a collection of your products now, and hope to get more soon. Respectfully yours,"

Ray Trinidad
Tauranga, New Zealand

"Hi Matt,
Received the chest expanders from Lifeline USA and have found it an excellent product, as you said it is great for working the shoulders, I also got your strand pulling video and its fantastic the number of exercises you can do with this piece of equipment. It is small lightweight and you can take it anywhere. Keep up the good work."

Will Bradley

"Matt, this e-mail is long overdue. Thank you for writing your book entitled COMBAT CONDITIONING. Ever since I started doing the exercises in your book, I've taken my physical fitness to the next level. I'm not an elite athlete or anything like that, but I'm definitely in much better shape than the average hard-working 33-year-old family man. May GOD continue to bless you."

Tyrone Turner
Queens, NY

"P.S. Ignore all if those 'playa haters' out there that call you names and all. They are just jealous because you're a better marketer than they are."

"Hey Matt
"Some time ago I wrote to tell you how the Hinu Squats helped me finish a 50 miler trail race. Well here I am, just in from Iraq and waiting to go home sweet home, and I must tell you that once again, Combat Conditioning really IS. Someone wise once said that "war is work" and I tell you what the modern day "light" force is everything but light. With my assault gear on I weigh over 300 pounds (that is without a ruck). Try running over, around, or through uraban terrain with weak legs and find out just what a sitting duck feels like.

"Well long story short, it wasnt 50 miles this time it was Baghdad, but I had an all time PR of 1,023 non-stop Hindu Squats to help me out. I tell you what, there is no better insurance than knowing your legs wont fail you when you need them the most! Confidence means alot when you are scared, and being in shape and having functional strenghth goes a long way toward peace of mind.

"Thanks again Matt I can't wait to find out what the Gama fitness routine is like."
Jeff Kirkham

"Dear Matt,
"I purchased your Combat Fitness course.� I got the full pull, (videos included).� Being a Master Trainer certified by the ISSA, I have had a little experience with exercise and fitness. �

"The catch phrase for me was functional fitness, and by golly you teach just that.� What impresses me most it the fact that your course embraces those Universal principals that are both infallible and irrefutable. �

"I'll tell anyone,� if your not getting results from these�techniques�get a cold mirror and check your breathing, your probably dead. �

"If I had it my way, every corporation in the world would make�being able to execute the royal court to a reasonable degree, mandatory to sit on the board of directors.� They need a little blood to the head. �

"Your techniques should be�mandatory�in our school systems from elementary to graduation.�It teaches goal setting, discipline, and offers supperior results.� Heck you can even think better after a while.� Clairty, focus, stillness of mind; let's face it, besides a kick ass body you get an awesome meditation thrown in to boot. �

"Having been envolved with the Majors of the Bodybuilding world as well as the weight machine, and barbell, dumbell crowd, I can say with authority anyone who teaches anything less than your combat fitness course for money, should be force fed boiled eggs for two weeks and then shot with a ball of there own crap. �

"Thank you for following your convictions and sharing them with the world.� I know that your system is�making me�a better person all around. I have shared them with my daughter and feel I could not have given her any better than this. �

"As for some of your critics, I read there gym rat fodder and think of a statement Albert Einstien made.� Something about the little minds will always in there ignorance, �rush�to put down the greater thinkers of this world out of fear alone.� I can't quote it verbatem but the bottom line is most of them couldn't find the ass with both hands, a flash light, and a neon sign pointing in the general direction. �

"Keep up the good works.� The blessing my daughter and I have received from your course is worth it alone.� You have changed two lives for as long as they are down here�doing the earth thing."

Freddie Wayne Mitchell

Just wanted you to know that I had back surgery, was stiff as hell, in pain, and not pleased. I started bridging again after my surgery (my back injury was not from the bridge) and the stiffness is, of course, gone! The great thing is that I told the surgeon that operated on me (#1 in all of the southeast) about the bridge and when could I start doing it again. He said he had never seen anything like it but after he thought about it for a few minutes he told me "that is a pretty radical move but it would definitely increase the flexibility of your spine!" I asked him if he thought that it would be detrimental to the discs in any way as in compressing the discs and he said there was "no way". That was good to hear from a guy who knows the spine like few others do. I Want to thank you for your kickass workouts. They "nuke" me everytime. And, as always... I bow down to the royal court"

Jim Hirt
Woodstock, GA

"I got your book Combat Conditioning a few months back. I read it and thought oh well since I can't lift anymore maybe this will help keep me from losing all my strength. For a bit of background I am 55 been lifting since I was a teen ager. Had to stop power lifting a few years ago as my rotator cuff gave out. Then last year I hurt my knee and just wasn't able to get back to where it didn't hurt. Every time I tried to use even moderate weight, say anything over 300 for squats I could't hardly walk for a week. So I figured my strength days were pretty much over.

"As they used to say "Nahhh, wrong answer" I am now up to 300 straight Hindu squats, 150 Hindu push ups and bridging for 3 mins. Ar first my knees cracked so bad and hurt so much the most I could do was sets of 10, but I kept with it and guess what they don't crack or creak at all anymore. I am also running again which I haven't been able to do in years.

"It is hard to describe the difference in the way my body feels and moves. I am smaller down from 265 to 220 but I am seriously stronger. The strength is more "catlike" if that makes any sense to you.

"But most importantly, I can move like something besides an old man again. Thanks Matt, and God bless."

Robert Younger

"I am finally doing 50 hindu push-ups straight. It took me a while, but I can finally do 50 in a row. It is hard, but it feels good to reach the goal set in the Combat Conditioning book. I started over 2 months ago doing the royal court in small sets to build myself up. I am 135 lbs, despite my attempts at weight gain. Even on my small frame, my friends have noticed the difference. My wife asked one day if my head was getting smaller. *chuckle* I informed her that my neck was getting bigger. In softball, I am now running faster and hitting the ball harder, too. Overall, I give the Combat Conditioning book 2 thumbs up. It has done exactly what it advertised it would do."

Chad Wilson

"The exercises in Combat Conditioning and Gama Fitness should be done by men and women. Since I started doing these exercises I feel stronger, I have more energy and my clothes fit better. These exercises are more fun and challenging than lifting weights. Matt gives great advice on all aspects of fitness, including nutrition and breathing."

Tammy Lake
Columbus, Ohio


"I just wanted to relate to you my story, so far.

Over two and a half years ago, I injured my back (in medical jargon, "a saco-illiac strain" with a pinched nerve in the 3rd vertebrae). When I injured my back there were no pain-killers or anti-inflammatory medicines (prescription or over-the-counter) that could relieve the pain. My doctor put me in physical therapy, and it took almost three months for my back to get back to "normal".

"My therapy consisted of exercises to keep my back in shape; I followed the physical therapist's instructions and did my exercises faithfully. The one thing that bothered me about the routines was that it only focused on my back and no other part of my body.

"This summer, I injured my back while I was in the garden; this was after two years of my back being pain-free. This is when I started looking for an alternative to just back exercises.

"I found out about your books and products from an ad on the Internet. After a lot of research and reading, I ordered the book, Combat Conditioning. I got the book within a few days, and I was not disappointed! It took me about two weeks before my back allowed me to start doing the "Royal Court".

"Side note: I was very athletic and in great shape until my early 30s. I wanted to gain the flexibility that I had in my teens and 20s. I tried several different exercise programs and videos during the past, and after following each for 3-6 months, the results were always disappointing.

"I did some exercises that were similar to the ones in the book, but they were not the same. I did 500 "deep-knee bends" at that time, but the form was not the same as the "Hindu squats", nor were the results! After three days of doing the Hindu squats (35 to start out), my pants that were too tight, now were easy to get on and comfortable to wear.

"The Hindu squat technique provides balance while doing the exercise, that I never got doing "deep-knee bends". Plus, the Hindu squats work out many different muscle groups at the same time.

"After a week of doing the Hindu squats, my toes and feet that hurt me for the last few years, no longer hurt. My knees no longer make "popping" or "creaking" sounds, either.

"I have just started doing the Hindu push-ups and I am looking forward to the same kind of results from it. I can hardly wait to start the back bridge.

"Rarely, can I find products or services that equal their promises; Combat Conditioning exceeds all of your promises. As I progress, I look forward to purchasing more of your products. Thanks Matt!!

Manfred Zysk


"I have found your material to be stellar, or should I say, STEELER.

"I started the Combat Conditioning book and videos in August. My wife and

"I are in our mid-forties with two young children - We met at a gym ten years ago while lifting weights. As many of your other clients have stated, we look and feel better than we have in a long time, as a result of your course.

"I feel that these exercises eliminate the need to do all those time-wasting isolation exercises that have been drummed into bodybuilders heads for so many years. I can now look back and honestly say that I have wasted an immeasurable amount of time and money for the last 30+ years toiling with the weightlifting/bodybuilding paradigm - Even considering that I cross-trained for much of that time.

"Funny, just before I stumbled on to your website, I was looking at a workout machine that costs over $13,000. It gives you a full body workout (strength, cardio and flexibility) in 4 minutes per day, from its ability to enable you to consume more oxygen than running, treadmill, weightlifting, etc. Many wealthy celebrities own this machine. While I saw the value in this and was convinced from my research that it worked to some degree, I could not justify spending that kind of money on a workout machine. I feel that the Combat Conditioning exercises accomplish much more, using ones own body weight, in any place you choose! For twenty minutes, four times a week, the price is a steal for us!

"Lastly, I would like to say that for the last ten years, while lifting, cycling, and practicing Aikido, I have worked as a Computer Consultant. I noticed that my body, particularly my lower back, began to get stiff and became painful at times. These exercises changed all of that very quickly. After a little over two months, I feel and look like I did in my twenties - I'm not kidding. My wife has the best butt I have ever seen, especially for a 45 year old. I'm chasing her around the kitchen right now as I'm typing thisssssss. Thank God for Hinduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Squats!

"We thought we were pretty fit before, but now we are on the path to Warriorhood. We are extremely grateful my friend.

"All the best,"

Wayne J. Quimby

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