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"32 Ways to Win Any Fight Instantly With Lost Hand-to-Hand Fighting Tactics They Don't Teach in a Strip-Mall Karate Dojo"

Dear Friend,

If you want to know how to annihilate "anyone" who ever tries to mess with you, and do so with lightning like precision, then read on because what I'm about to tell you comes straight from "the trenches."

Let me begin with a basic statistical fact, based upon police reports: 95% of all fights end up on the ground. That's right ... "on the ground." And the people who win fights on the ground are the people who know what to do on the ground.

If you look back upon the military history of the U.S. - you'll find that the commandos who fought and won the battles in WW I and WW II were men who had been taught "hand-to-hand" fighting tactics. They were men who understood how to fight in "close quarters" - and how to fight on the ground.
matt furey destroying street thug
Matt Furey demonstrating a classic hand-to-hand fighting technique that destroys a person's shoulder

In fact, if you dive back into the subject and do some basic research, you'll see that our military elite were taught ligament snapping holds from real pro wrestlers - as well as the strangle and choke holds of judo and jiu-jitsu. These men were taught how to wrestle, how to box and how to make an enemy scream for mercy. And they were taught how to do so with their "bare hands."

The Day I Learned How to Beat The Tar Out of a Bigger, Stronger and Faster Man

When I was a junior in high school I got into a fight that changed my life. It took place in the bathroom of the high school I attended.

One afternoon, after finishing lunch, I walked into the "john" to drain my bladder. Just so you know, at the high school I attended the stalls didn't have doors. Not only that, instead of being the cheap plastic doors we see today, they were literally made of brick.

Anyway, after draining the "main vein," I turned around and found a big, strong, powerful man standing in my way. His name was Bob and let me tell you, if there was ever a guy I didn't want to fight - he was the one. He was a stud football player and a star in track and baseball, too. And he was mean as hell.

In fact, as legend now has it, 10 days earlier Bob got into a fight with his cousin. He knocked his own cousin senseless - giving him a dozen stitches on the outside of his face - and another dozen or so inside his mouth. He was brutal, believe me.

Beat the Hell Out of People That Are Supposed to Be Too Big and Too Strong

Naturally I tried to talk my way out of the trouble standing before me. But it wasn't working. Bob wanted to kick my ass and there was no getting around him. I knew I needed a plan of attack if I was going to escape from the battle alive, not to mention free from injury.

When Bob started pushing me with his fingers - steam started to build inside.

In between his taunts, I recalled two of the techniques I had learned previously in old-time pre-World War II self-defense books. These were the books that showed how U.S. soldiers whooped their "enemies" in hand-to-hand combat with brutal wrestling, judo and jiu-jitsu - as well as some wicked kicks, elbows and punches that are the secret weapons of champion street fighters.

And so, the next time Bob moved his hand to push me - I timed his arm movement and launched into him. I used two simple moves that I had studied from the books and once we hit the floor the fight was over. He was like a "fish out of water" and believe me, he went home a bloody mess.

Simple, Easy-to-Learn Techniques That Win Against the Toughest People Around

Prior to this altercation, Bob was considered the toughest S.O.B. in my entire high school. No one dared mess with him. Even I didn't want to fight him - but because I knew what to do, I was able to whoop him like a red-headed step child. You can learn to do the same. All it takes is your willingness to sit back and observe.

I am most certainly not telling you this story because I need to brag or prove to you how tough I am. At the time I won this fight - I wasn't a tough guy at all. I was just a normal student who didn't know how to whoop someone who was bigger and stronger. But when I acted on my natural impulses for survival, and I won - I got serious about learning more about fighting and I've devoted a major portion of my life to researching the essential techniques you need to win any fight.

In fact, LONG after winning this fight, I won several national and world titles, both in wrestling and kung fu. I tell you this so you know that I KNOW what I'm talking about when it comes to fighting. I've proven myself in the ring as well as outside of it - and if you apply what I know you will be able to defend your life on the street.

Begin Learning Instantly, No Need To Spend Years in a Karate School

Yes, I want to impress upon your mind the fact that YOU can quickly and easily learn to dispose of big, strong, ugly monster types the same way I did. It's so easy to do when you're armed with the right information. And that information is all part of my Street Grappling course.

Regardless of whether you've ever studied anything about self-defense, I can "show you the ropes" to success in my system called Street Grappling. In this system I can and will give you the confidence to whoop the living daylights out of big, strong and ugly chumps and thugs whose very mission in life is to make other people unhappy. Make sure you are the one who can put a stop to their idiotic ideas before anything happens to you.

Let's take a look at what you'll learn from me in this system:

DVD One:
  • A lightning fast way to counter a forward push (the one thing most street punks like to do to intimidate those they want to fight). Once your attacker is on the ground - you'll quickly have his arm behind his back and he'll be screaming for mercy.

  • How to knock a guy out with ease - and from every direction and angle. No matter where he attacks from, he's in trouble.

  • How to spin an attacker into a fight-ending choke hold when he grabs, pushes or reaches for you.

  • How to restrain an attacker without hurting him (if need be) while you wait for the police.

  • A little-known secret they don't teach anywhere that will knock your opponent out cold, in seconds.

  • How bouncers and law enforcement personnel can pull a guy to the ground with ease when he's jamming himself in a doorway or resisting arrest.

  • How to stop a bite attack. If anyone ever shows his teeth, he'll be sorry.

  • How a 110 pound girl can snap a 200+ pound guy's elbow when he reaches to grab or push.

  • How to make every new technique you learn an automatic reflex so you're never caught "thinking" about what to do. You will simply REACT.

  • Devastating holds that send your attacker sailing through the air - then landing on the concrete where he goes Splat!!!!

  • How to dislocate an attacker's elbow with one simple move.

  • How to finish a fight before the person who attacks knows what happened.

  • How to end a fight without even breaking a sweat!

  • How to knock someone out even when he clinches with you or tries to bear hug you to the ground. It'll be lights out Irene!!!!

  • For law enforcement: How to easily get an attacker cuffed when he's on the ground.

  • Several knockout palm strikes that you can learn in seconds.

  • How to make yourself like an eel with the ability to escape from anything anyone ever tries to do to you.

  • How to humiliate anyone who ever tries to put you in a standing full nelson, a rear choke or a bear hug.

  • The "pool stick" kick - when to use it and how it leads to ultra-painful joint manipulation.

And as if this isn't enough - let's look at what's on DVD Two:
  • How to render any strong man helpless when he clinches with you in a front bear hug or body lock.

  • Two simple ways to beat a side headlock.

  • Why you should never trust someone who claims to have had 200 or more street fights and that that's how he developed his fighting skills.

  • Why sport Grappling is terrible on the streets and why you must know the devastating strikes that quickly end a fight.

  • How you can beat multiple attackers.

  • 5 Easy and Effective Ways to Counter a Double-leg tackle.

  • If fighting a striker you're wary of, how to stay out of range and then close the gap.

  • How to beat someone who gets on top of you, even and especially when the attacker is trying to punch you.

  • What to do if you end up on your back with someone on top of you trying to snuff your lights out.

  • How the proper use of your elbows on the ground can quickly get you out of trouble.

  • Incredible nerve attacks that nearly electrocute an opponent, allowing you to take control in seconds.

  • How to turn any bad situation into a positive.

  • Toe holds, wrist locks, face locks and other brutal holds that will make the attacker "Cry Uncle" - ending the fight almost as soon as it starts.

  • Restraining holds that any law enforcement person can use. They're painful as hell and you'll get the suspect to believe in the word "compliance."

Special Limited Offer With Free Gifts

Street Grappling is a two-volume set of DVD's. They are packed with so much valuable information that they should sell for at least $500. Especially when you know you could pay 10 times that amount, searching the world for this knowledge - and still come up empty handed.

Now, for a limited time, you can get these Street Grappling DVD's for the low price of $129.00 plus $10 S&H U.S. (foreign add $20 more). But there's more: The first 50 people to order will also receive TWO FREE GIFTS:

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Free Gift Number Two - The Karl Gotch Issue of G.A.I.N. Gotch, the "God of Pro Wrestling" in Japan, and considered by many to be the toughest fighter who ever lived, taught me much of what I know today. This magazine reprint captures the spirit of what it was like to be a fighter in the łgood old days.˛ Most people who have this issue read it regularly for motivation. This collector's item was first published in 1999. You'll want to get your hands on this while you can. It's HOT. Value $25.00.

The value of these Free Gifts is enormous. In fact, it makes the whole offer a "steal." Don't delay and miss out on this package. Take advantage of this special offer right now. Call 1 (813) 994-8267 and place your order right now or click the button below. Visa, MC, Amex and Discover are gratefully accepted.

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