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"I've Lost 138 lbs. with Gama Fitness!"

Gama Fitness Program helps Robert Lose 138 lbs

"Your Gama Fitness Course has given me a step by step guideline for achieving my goals. Last Christmas I weighed 377 lbs., as of August 12th my body weight is down to 239 lbs. and I lost over 20" on my waist!! My body fat is down to 18%. Imagine how good I felt when I could walk into a department store and buy a large shirt instead of a 5x shirt, 36" jeans instead of 58" jeans. Not only have I lost weight on your plan, but I also improved on my conditioning. I perform 500 Hindu Squats without stopping after a spinning class 3x a week! My Dead Lift has also gone up from 375 lbs. to 495 lbs. for 3 reps.!!! Your accolades as a wrestling and fitness guru will go unprecedented!!! I can't thank you enough."

Robert Lucarelli
Altamonte Springs, FL

Gama Fitness weight loss fitness and conditioning course Matt Furey coaches for strength and health weight loss without dieting with Gama Fitness
Matt Furey coaching Robert Lucarelli in Hindu Squats and Hindu Pushps.

Psycho-Cybernetics helps Robert Lose weight
Robert also recommends the
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