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"62 Golden Nuggets for
Under and Over-Achievers
Who Want Even More
Out of Life"

Outlandish, Irreverent, Non-Sugar Coated Success Book Written by a World Champion Martial Artist and Entrepreneurial Genius Reveals Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Creating the Life of Your Dreams - But Never Learned Before Because You Were Surrounded By People Who Didn't Know Either!

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Praise for Expect To Win - Hate To Lose

"This book has the strength of a Siberian tiger, and yet all its inspiring physical lessons contain even deeper lessons for the mind and spirit. This is Matt's masterpiece - the most inspiring book I've ever read. I'm ready to take the mountain and keep climbing, and I will never stop reading this book."

- Steve Chandler
Author of Time Warrior

"A STUNNING book of power and inspiration! I can't stop reading and re-reading it. It's almost a force of nature with the energy it contains."

- Dr. Joe Vitale
author, The Attractor Factor, a star in the movie The Secret

"I think I've read over 1000 books on self-improvement, success, winning. None of them and I mean NONE OF THEM were as powerful as Expect To Win - Hate To Lose. If you are doing okay this book will make you a winner. If you're a winner this book will make you a champion. If you're a champion this book will put you in the Hall Of Fame. When I got my copy I sat down to read 20 or so pages... I read the whole thing. You will not be able to put it down. The book vibrates. Expect To Win - Hate To Lose is Matt at his best!"

- Paul Reddick
The Master of MPH

"Most of my life I expected to lose even though I wanted to win. I knew I had to expect to win, as every self-help expert would tell you. But none of them tells you HOW to expect to win, so I was at a loss. It had always been an empty slogan to me because I never knew the HOW. That was until 1999 when I became Matt Furey's student.

He was the first one to tell me the actual process of winning and how to expect it in everything I did. Only then did my life do a complete 180 and winning became easy. In Matt's Expect to Win - Hate to Lose he's put these actual steps on paper in an entertaining, simple and inspirational way. There's no fluff, no nonsense, no confusion - just real meat that cuts right to the bone. Any person who wants to win in every aspect of life needs this book. It's the fastest, easiest way to win."

- Eddie Baran
Author of Gymnastic Abs

"Expect to Win - Hate to Lose by Matt Furey provides you with a potent cocktail for unlimited success, which anyone serious should be lining up to drink. As a modern day philosopher, Matt Furey is a man you want to be learning from and listening to. No exceptions. No excuses!"

- Trevor 'ToeCracker' Crook

"Expect to Win - Hate to Lose MUST be in the personal library of every person who is striving to improve. From the moment you open the book, Matt Furey becomes your own personal guide to success. So think of this book as a treasure map leading you to your pot of gold. Chapter after chapter is jam-packed with priceless knowledge. I found my "pot of gold" in chapters 55 and 56, which revealed everything I didn't realize about my success mechanism. After reading this material, I found myself moving through the quagmire of procrastination like a hot knife through butter... getting more accomplished in the last few weeks than I have all year. And, without any radical changes. That kind of guidance is priceless!"

- Steve Grzymkowski

"Wow! I couldn't stop reading this book. Matt relays so much positive information that can immediately be put to action. His stories are seriously inspiring! He makes so much sense and gives amazing, yet simple, techniques for physical and mental self-improvement. I will recommend this book to every coach, athlete, trainer, client, parent or future parent I come across."

- Uncle Mike Stehle, ATC
Co-owner, The Training Room

"Looking for a book that will jump-start you both personally and professionally? Look no further. Matt Furey's Expect To Win - Hate To Lose is the wake up call that will help you reach your true potential. Clear and concise, this book can be the catylist to getting everything you want out of life if you heed Matt's expert advice."

- Pat Rigsby
Co-Owner, Athletic Revolution International

"In Expect to Win - Hate to Lose, Matt Furey swings the bat and rips the cover right off the ball! As I read each precious chapter, I began to experience feelings of exuberance, enlightenment, inspiration and prosperity. I became extremely excited about the various opportunities I wish to create in my own future, while finally unraveling some of the unsolved mysteries of my past. The more I read, the more my imagination ran wild with endless possibility and confidence. Yet, at other times, I found myself humbled by Matt's extraordinary wisdom and remarkable insights into so many crucial areas of life.

Indeed, a book this powerful could have only been written by the hand of a true Master. Read it... bask in its vast knowledge, as did I... and you too will be given the keys to the kingdom of unlimited success."

- Rob Colasanti
Ambassador of the Martial Arts

"This book is ELECTRIC. I didn't finish it in one sitting because I was so JACKED UP after just a few of the short chapters I put it down to take action toward my own dreams."

- Dr. Tom Hanson
Author, PLAY BIG

"The very first chapter I read from Expect to Win - Hate to Lose hit home for me. The chapter gave me a brand new perspective and strategy for busting through an obstacle that had been in the way of making one of my dreams of success real. As it turned out, every chapter had this effect for some part of my life! This book is chock full of secrets, lessons and stories from the life of an amazing champion, Matt Furey. I think anyone with desire and motivation to be a 'champion' in whatever they choose, in or outside of sports, must read this book."

Daniel J. Cardona, M.D.
The Ninja Doctor

"Hey Matt,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the copy of your new book, Expect To Win - Hate To Lose. To say that I enjoyed reading it would be a dis-service to the book. I found it to be inspirational and enlightening. Your work continues to touch the warrior's heart and spirit in a way that many authors can only dream about.

I was so impressed with the book that I am going to make it required reading for all our students who are candidates for advanced Black Belt rank.

Again, thank you for the information and I look forward to the next chapter in your remarkable story.


Manuel Cabrera Jr.
7th Degree Black Belt
Master Instructor

"Hey Matt,

Wanted to let you know that within minutes of finishing your book Expect To Win - Hate To Lose, I ordered an additional 25 copies.

My plan is to give each of my 18 employees a copy and we will read and review one chapter a week at our staff meetings.

I can't wait to see how it will impact our business as well as personal lives. The tools you provide with each and every chapter are life changing.

Honestly there's more practical and useful information in that book than in any self help or business book I've read in the last 5 years (and I've read dozens!).

Thank you for revealing these incredible tools.

Really, it's not a book it's a success toolbox...batteries included. :)

Thanks again Matt."

Dr. Trevor Neal

"Hey Matt,

I just read Expect to Win-Hate to Lose and am halfway through my second read. I am a WNBF Professional Bodybuilder (see the latest issue of Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine) and I train many competitive bodybuilders and Figure athletes. Your book is exactly what I need to pass along to my clientele. I have read hundreds of self-help books ...Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Charles Haanel, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Sun-Tzu, James Allen, Rhonda Byrne, Maxwell Maltz, etc). But your book is just sooooo simple. It takes all of the concepts from the authors I have mentioned and puts it is plain English. It is like an "A-ha" moment!!! Thank you!!!! I will be purchasing all of your books and absorbing as much as I can. I have already posted on facebook to my 1937 friends the importance of this breakthrough book. I would say "good luck" but you don't need 'luck' when you are 'good'.
Peace and love,"

Bill Murphy

"Expect to Win - Hate to Lose is by far the best product Matt Furey has put out, and everything he puts out is out-friggin-standing- an ole Marine Corps saying. It will challenge you, inspire you, compel you to action, and make you angry you haven't done more with what you have. Read it, use it, buy and share it with your family, your team, your company. Matt nails success and happiness with this book. And, he knows us, better than some of us know ourselves.

Mike Storms
Author of Parenting 101

"I'm urging all of my newsletter members and clients to get this book. I was lucky enough to hang out with Matt in 2004 with my mate Trevor 'toecracker' Crook ... and Matt is one guy who actually lives and breathes what he teaches. Be a good headline: "At Last! A Success Coach Who Actually Practices What He Preaches!" In this book Matt cuts through all the BS and gives you solid and practical and actual do-able advice to winning this game of life. Great stuff.

Pete Godfrey

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