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Finally, a seminar you cannot refuse!


Matt Furey reveals the SECRETS of
Health, Wealth and Peace of Mind

April 17, 2009 - Tampa, Florida

What you will learn at this FREE, one-time only event:
How to Live Debt-Free Forever!

• How to Make Money during Tough Times!

How a Powerful, Radiant Self-Image will MAGNETIZE and ATTRACT the things you want!!

• How You Can Turn a Crisis into a Creative Opportunity!

How to Stand Up and DELIVER Under Stress!

• How to Program Your Mind for Automatic Success - even if you feel you've never succeeded at anything!

The UNREVEALED SECRET of Success that Nobody Seems to Know!

• How to Turn Your Mistakes Into a Success Path!

How to Stop Procrastinating!

• How to Eliminate Bad Habits!

And mucho more!

_____HELL YEAH, Matt! I definitely want to attend your FREE
DYNAMIC POWER™seminar. I realize the value of this event is at least $495.00 and the chances of you holding another free event like this are slim, so I don't want to hate myself for missing out. I'm committed to being there. I WILL BE THERE.

WHEN: April 17, 2009 - 5 PM to 10 PM

WHERE: Tampa, Florida

matt furey

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ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________________


CITY: ___________________________________________________STATE:___________ ZIP:____________

CELL PHONE: _________________________________________________________

PRIMARY EMAIL ADDRESS: _______________________________________________

D.O.B.: ____________________________________________________________

OCCUPATION: ________________________________________________________

My Primary Goal in 2009: __________________________________________________________________


#1 Thing I'd Like to Learn at this Seminar: ____________________________________________________________________________


Gold Medal Publications, Inc.
10339 Birdwatch Drive
Tampa, Florida 33647

FAX: 813 994-4947

Note: This is a one-time only pass to this seminar. Register immediately to insure your seat. The total value for this event is not redeemable in any way other than through attendance at this event.

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