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In Case You Missed It - Daily Fitness Tips Archive I

Secret Exercise Documents Shoved Down My Pants (Unintentionally, Of Course) A Bit of Political Satire - for a Change

How Fast Can You Double Your Flexibility?

Time for a Little Discipline

Combat Conditioning Questions ... and More

This Many People Can't Be Wrong

The Power of a Combat Conditioning Checklist

The Importance of Killing

5 Grip Strength Training Exercises for Pain Free Power

Beware the Myths of Aerobic Training

The Karl Gotch Workout

Totally Tasteless Sprint Training Methods

Pro Wrestler Vampiro Blows a Gasket

More on Military Mountain Climbers

Spiderman's Strength Training Regimen

What's Running Your Life?

Combat Conditioning Hits the Big Time!

My Opinion of Pro Wrestling & Weight Training

Pro Wrestler William Regal Saved By Combat Conditioning

Deep Breathing Exercises of the Samurai

Combat Conditioning Is a Mind Game

Pushups in Reverse

Pushups Strengthen The Core

Bridging Part of Tanzania Tribal Ritual & Mutant German Muscle Baby

Deep Inside The Mind of a Champion

Beheaded Korean No Big Deal - Or Is It?

My Less-Than-Humble Opinion About Weights

My Long History of Weight Loss

More on That Big, Bad Bench Press

How To Get More Done in Less Time

On the Road Again

Hotel Bedroom Exercises

The Thousand-Mile Stare

The Strongest Nation on Earth

How Combat Conditioning Became a Best-Seller

Making Friends vs. Clarity of Purpose

Mini-Tramps and Other Fitness Hype

Donald Trump Doing Hindu Pushups?

Warning: Bench Press is Bad for Shoulders

Whose Afraid of The Big, Bad (Pig)?

What About Rush?

Conversations With My Son - Part I

The Most Neglected Muscle There Is

An Exercise That Destroys Your Lower Back

5 Ways to Naturally Increase Growth Hormone and ...

Why Anger Makes You Happy

Former Student Reveals Truth About Combat Conditioning

8-Year Old Carries Weapons of Mass Intimidation

Never Underestimate the Spirit of a Determined Soul

The Ultimate Fat Burner

More on Combat Conditioning Hill Sprints

Combat Conditioning and Sex Drive

Combat Conditioning on VH1

Chop Your Way to a Fit Body & How to Beat Alzheimers

There's Something About a Mother

How to do Hill Sprints in Iraq

What To Do When You Wake Up In a Bad Mood

How Many Times Should You Exercise Each Week?

The Fight I Never Wanted to Have

Is Bridging Good For You?

Business Workout 101

"Like a Horse With Blinders On"

How a 143 Pounder Man-Handled a Woman Beater

5 Ways to Build Leg, Lung & Cardio Power With Sprints

Man Loses 138 Pounds While Increasing Strength

What's Wrong With the Bench Press?

What Russian Commies Knew About Exercising a Baby

Major Announcement Coming Later Today

"Baby Faith" Steals Show In Birthday Battle

Maximize your Metabolism with Major Muscle Movements

It's All a Bunch of Hooey

What's Speed Got to Do With It?

When You Age - Here's What You Lose First

This is Absolutely Ridiculous

What the Chinese Say About an Un-American Virtue

An Officer's Report From Iraq

Getting Started With Sprints

How to Eliminate Wrist, Elbow and Carpal Tunnel Pain

Some Adults Need a Good Spankin

The Secrets of Strong, Powerful Shoulders Revealed!

What the Grizzly Bear Knows About Fitness

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