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Think you're in shape? Then take the Combat Conditioning Test!

"Double Your POWER, Strength, Endurance and Flexibility in Record Time With the Combat Conditioning System"

Follow the Legendary System That Quickly Catapults Your Strength, Endurance and Flexibility to record levels.

Dear Friend,

I was the total skeptic. Not only had I lifted weights for years, but after 28 years of being involved in sports and martial arts, at the national and world championship levels, I thought I'd seen it all.

So I just didn't believe it when the great Karl Gotch, a 76-year old former Olympian and trainer of legendary fighters, told me to stop lifting weights. Instead of weights, Karl said I could get into FAR better condition with bodyweight calisthenics alone.

At first I was a bit doubtful, but I couldn't shake the feeling that Karl was right. After all, I had read about the Great Gama of India, a wrestler who followed this same type of program and was unbeaten in 5,000 matches. In terms of size and strength, Gama was 5'7" and 260 pounds of streaming steel. And that was in the early 1900's - long before steroids.

I'd also heard that Bruce Lee did these same type of bodyweight exercises. And we all know about Lee's incredible ripped, lean, muscular look. Not to mention how lightning fast and fluid he was.

Not only that, but there was Herschel Walker, a Heisman Trophy winner and All-Pro Running back who did 500 pushups and sit-ups each day. So that made me think even more.

The Test

After I made the decision to "give the program a whirl," I was hooked. I couldn't overlook the reality that within 10 minutes of my first workout, I was panting hard and soaked in sweat. I failed the test. I could not do 25 Hindu Pushups, followed by 100 Hindu squats, followed by holding a back bridge for three straight minutes.

But here's the amazing truth: Even though I failed the initial fitness test, I felt GREAT. Instead of feeling beat up, tired or drained, I was ENERGIZED. I felt power coursing through my veins. I felt euphoric. This was FAR better than runner's high or THE PUMP. Truth is, I felt better than I had after any other workout I'd ever done.

Hi, my name is Matt Furey, and I'm the author and creator of the international best-selling Combat Conditioning System. I've been featured in major martial arts magazines around the world and have appeared on the cover of several.

Matt Furey demonstrating the exercise
Matt Furey, 50, doing an exercise from Combat Conditioning.

I'm also no slouch when it comes to having and using functional strength. You don't win a world championship in kung fu and a national collegiate wrestling championship if you're a weakling, nor do you easily change a program that's working. As the saying goes, "If it's not broken, don't fix it."

But let me tell you, when I was only 25 years of age (today I'm 50), my body was already breaking down from the programs I followed.

I had elbow tendinitis, knee and back pain, shoulder and wrist pain. I regularly visited a chiropractor to have my neck and back adjusted. I woke up in pain and hobbled around for the first hour of the day. On occasion my right knee would swell. I visited an orthopaedic surgeon and he suggested removing my bursa sac.

Again, all this by age 25.

So let me ask you: Do you want to follow a program that turns you into a physical wreak, breaking down long before you've reached the "middle years?" Fact: Injuries from weight training, weight lifting and cardio are the norm, not the exception. You cannot say the same when you train with your own bodyweight.

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Create A New You By Mastering Your Own Bodyweight

Let me tell you, within one week of following The Combat Conditioning System I felt like a new man. Aches and pains from years of training disappeared. My body got flexible where it was tight. Muscles that were and could not be reached with weight training, got super strong. I had power, strength, stamina and endurance, all at the same time.

And along with the above, I got something else I didn't expect to be a benefit from this type of training. It's called "peace of mind." You get it from this program because of the mind-body connection established from deep breathing. You may not have heard this before, but a wise man once said: "Deep breathing alone has made many a weak man strong and many a sick man well." When you follow The Combat Conditioning System, focusing on your breathing makes all the difference in the world.

Over the course of 3 months my body and my mind changed big time.

In fact, for your consideration, here are 12 of the most amazing benefits that I have gotten from The Combat Conditioning System. I'm betting these are important to you, too:
1. I blow-torched off my excess body fat so quickly that I could eat more than I normally did and still look better than ever.

2. I packed and chiseled functional muscle onto my legs, chest and back that I've never had before, even from weights.

3. I simultaneously doubled my strength and flexibility - and did so without needing separate workouts.

4. I quadrupled my endurance inside of 30 days. I NEVER get tired.

5. The chronic back and shoulder pain I had from years of heavy squats, deadlifts and bench pressing went away within a couple weeks. And much of that pain had been with me for nearly 10 years.

6. I sleep like a log. Eight hours of deep sleep is no longer a goal. It's automatic. As soon as I hit the rack I'm out like a light.

7. My self-confidence grew by leaps and bounds.

8. I learned how I can train anywhere. I don't need more than a few square feet of carpet or pavement and I'm all set. I have absolutely no excuses and my body is loving me for it. I don't need any equipment. Just my own bodyweight.

9. I get a kick-butt workout done in 15 minutes or less.

10. I've turned back the clock. My friends tell me I look 10 years younger than my age.

11. I have an explosive type of strength that weights couldn't give me. My movements are super fast even when I'm just playing around.

12. My muscles are like a pliable and powerful tiger - ready to pounce on prey in a heartbeat.
So there you have it. The 12 reasons why The Combat Conditioning System is the best fitness program on the planet. But forget about me.

Take a look at what some of my friends have to say about Combat Conditioning:

Matt, I am a US Marine stationed overseas. I am also a wrestler/judoka and the Marine who developed the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. I use your courses regularly. I like your no-nonsense approach. Particularly as I get older, bodyweight exercises are quick, flexible, all-encompassing and convenient. Keep up the good work!

Lt Colonel George Bristol

Mr. Furey,
We have been applying the principle of 'mastering your own body weight' to our football program and have been pleased. A 12 - 1 championship season last year was our reward. Thank you sir.

Bonner Cunnings
Yosemite, CA

Dear Matt,
When I got your program, I changed my whole way of thinking about how one should train for Combatives. I am now totally off the weights, and, to tell you the truth, I have never felt better or been more flexible in my life. I feel great and have lost no size, strength, or muscle mass... as a result I scored the maximum number of points on the Army Physical Fitness test. HOOAH! You are doing great things, and I and the U.S. Army Officer Candidate School owe you a lot. TREAT'EM ROUGH!

CPT Judd D. Mahfouz - Infantry

Dear Mr. Furey,
Let me say I have benefited a lot from both your Combat Conditioning program. I am a Marine stationed on Okinawa, Japan and I do a lot of kickboxing and NHB fighting on the side. Your exercises have given me a tremendous advantage and combined with my other routines (shadowboxing, sparring, bagwork, wind sprints, and grappling drills) have gotten me into the best shape of my life.

LCpl Sandor Devenyi
United States Marine Corps

Dear Matt,
Being a U.S. Marine in a field unit, I spend much of my time in Physical Training, and I'll admit, I thought that I was in peak physical condition. 2 months ago I began your Combat Conditioning program and quickly realized that I had been missing something. While platoon PT consists of mostly running and incorporates some bodyweight exercises (i.e. pushups, pull-ups, crunches) I had been spending the bulk of my personal training time in the weight room, lifting heavy. It embarrassed me the first time I tried to do a reverse pushup and couldn't. I haven't set foot in the weight room in the last 2 months. My 3 mile run time has dropped to below 18 minutes, I've lost a good 10 lbs and my body fat has dropped 4%. You can see the difference and God knows, I can feel the difference. I've introduced the rest of my squad to your program. Thanks for helping us kick ass and take names in a hellish and unforgiving manner.

D "Bubba" Byng - LCPL, USMC
"Golf" Co, MCS Battallion

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Change Your Body - Change Your Life

The Combat Conditioning System comes with a fully illustrated manual with 48 extraordinary bodyweight exercises and several quick-start routines that help you take off like a rocket. Along with the manual you'll receive 3 workout DVDs, including:
• DVD #1 - The Leg and Lung Workout (This will kick your butt - and get you fit fast. On this DVD you'll learn the proper way to do Hindu squats so that you get maximum results in minimum time. You'll also learn Hindu jumper squats, which knock regular squats right out of the park. Follow along with me on this DVD and you may be my next student who can easily rep out 500-straight Hindu squats without a break.)

• DVD #2 - The Pushup Workout (This will give you incredible strength and flexibility throughout your upper body, spine, hips and core. The Hindu pushup is one of the main pushups you'll learn, but there's far more in store for you, including a 100-straight pushup challenge that you're welcome to follow along on. )

• DVD #3 - The Ab and Back Workout (The routine on this DVD flattens your stomach, strengthens and stretches your back and energizes your brain. Learn the back bridge the right way and very soon you'll be holding it for at least three straight-minutes. This will stun your friends and family, that's for sure. In addition to the bridge, you'll learn many other extraordinary exercises that make aerobics classes look like feeding pigeons in the park.)

Come Train With Me!

If I were going to put a price tag on the value of what you'll receive from following the exercises in The Combat Conditioning System, I could easily justify $1,000.00. And this is no exaggeration because I've watched this program change the lives of men and women from all over the world 9people from over 140 countries follow this system, so it must work, right?)

The great news is that I'm not going to charge you $1,000 or $500 or even $250 for the information in my program.

In fact, right now, as part of a special marketing test, there has NEVER been a BETTER time to get involved. Why? Because you're going to get FAR, FAR MORE than you ever bargained for.

Let me explain: Normally, The Combat Conditioning System sells for $97 plus S&H. And along with the program you get three free gifts. Well, I'm going to make that offer look like child's play right NOW.

Okay, how?

Here's how: In addition to this incredibly low amount, I'm going to "sweeten the pot" by giving you FREE ACCESS to the Matt Furey Inner Circle (aka Furey Faithful) for one full year for no extra charge.

Inside the Matt Furey Inner Circle, you'll have private access to 12 best-selling book, 72 special reports, 40+ videos and a couple dozen workout programs. And this is just the "warm up."
Come Train with Matt Furey

Keep in mind that the content on Matt Furey Inner Circle normally costs $29.00 per month, and tons of my members have been with me for YEARS. And NOW I'm giving you everything for the ridiculously low amount of $97.00. You get access to ALL of my online content that I've spent years assembling. And you get whatever else I put up each week, each month - ALL YEAR LONG.

The content I have for you on Matt Furey Inner Circle will make it easy for you to follow along with me - getting into the best shape of your life. And I'm giving you all my hard work, years worth of information on fat loss, muscle building, training for speed, strength and power - for practically nothing.

NOW, if I were your brother, I'd tell you to drop everything you're doing and order a copy of The Combat Conditioning System immediately so that you are instantly involved in and a member of Matt Furey Inner Circle. It'll change your life - and that is the understatement of the YEAR.

Order NOW, my friend, and... Come Train With Me,
matt furey

P.S. A dozen books, 72 special reports, 40+ videos - and I'm just getting warmed up. Jump on this incredible offer NOW while it lasts. It's HUGE, my friend. It's TOTALLY HUGE. Go for it.

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