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Combat Conditioning Makes Weight Training Obsolete

Is weight training the only viable way to increase strength? Not on your life.

What's more, the injuries and risks associated with weight training are nothing to overlook. It is not at all uncommon to meet the "beat-up weight lifter" on the street. His lower back is shot from heavy barbell squats. His knees are, too. His shoulders are destroyed from the bench press and he has joint problems everywhere he has a limb.

At one time in the life of the beat-up weight lifter, lifting heavy objects seemed to give him strength and vitality. But now what does he have to show for it? He can no longer train vigorously. Hence, he can no longer achieve his desired fitness goals.

Enter Combat Conditioning, a system of bodyweight exercises comprised of the three most important exercises for developing the entire body: Hindu squats, Hindu pushups and bridging.

When Matt Furey, the author of Combat Conditioning refers to the body, though, he does so in a different manner than most:

"I am not simply referring to the muscles when I talk about the body," says Furey. "I am also talking about the lungs, the heart, the kidneys, the spine and all the internal organs and glands."

When you exercise, think of training everything from the inside out. This means that deep and concentrated breathing plays a major role.

Hindu squats lay the foundation for strength and endurance. They build lung power, as well as the thighs, lower back, calves, chest, shoulders and arms. The deep breathing that you do with this exercise, all by itself, will expand the chest and make it larger and more prominent. Additionally, Hindu squats develop balance and coordination.

Hindu pushups are the second component of the Combat Conditioning program. They build strength throughout the torso and arms. The arch involved in this movement also stretches and strengthens the spine, hips and shoulders.

combat conditioning benefits your strength and endurance
Matt Furey doing Combat Conditioning

As great and important as Hindu squats and Hindu pushups are, however, the KING of all Combat Conditioning exercises is the back bridge. It exercises the entire body from head to toe. Many people mistakenly think the back bridge is bad for your neck. The exact opposite is usually true and scores of Combat Conditioning students have proven this.

Those who do not have current injuries to the cervical vertebrae, will find the back bridge strengthening the neck, back, thighs, hips and buttocks like nothing else. How can this be done if all the stress is only on the neck? It clearly isn1t when done properly.

Many people with neck and back pain feel like new after less than a month of training in the Combat Conditioning program. Yet, Furey warns, bridging is not recommended for everyone. Furey cautions those with pre-existing conditions, but also says that for many people - bridging is the only thing that ever worked to eliminate their back and neck pain.

Furey's entire Combat Conditioning program can be done without equipment of any kind. And it can be done virtually anywhere - making gyms, health spas and weight training obsolete.

Combat Conditioning is great for the average man or woman who wants to get into kick-butt shape fast - and it's perfect for the combat athlete or martial artist who wants to ramp his skills to the next level.

Click the following link for more information on Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning program.

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