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Attention Parents: This new guide...


right in the comfort of your own home - with no equipment or personal trainer fees required

And best of all, you won't have to do anything but put this program in your living room! Without saying a word, your kids will probably latch onto it and get started.

Dear Friend,

If you have young children and you're concerned about their level of fitness, if you're worried about them being too fat or too skinny, or just plain weak - hark onto me because what I'm about to reveal could very well be the most valuable piece of advice you ever receive about getting your child physically and mentally fit.

Let me explain: My name is Matt Furey, author of the CLASSIC international best-seller Combat Conditioning, that taught bodyweight exercises to the masses all over the world. Over the past 15 years, people from over 150 countries have gotten my program and followed it with outrageously successful results.

For years, many of my esteemed customers have told me to put together a program for children - or what many of us refer to as... KIDS.

Around the same time, a good friend of mine, Vince Palko, who just so happens to be a cartoonist, at my urging, put together a Cartoon Version of my best-seller. And guess what? It bombed.

The adults on my list didn't want it. They felt that I had trivialized my life's work and diminished its value.

I was crushed. And right now, perhaps you're wondering, "What's this got to do with me and my children?"

Good question. And here's an answer that will be music to your ears.

A few months ago, Frederick, a 40-year old preacher, came to see me for some private training. He'd gone from 410 pounds to 265 following my program, but felt he'd plateaued, so he wanted some guidance.

Well, when the session ended, not only was he pumped because of the routine I gave him, but he was ecstatic when I handed him a signed copy of Combat Conditioning - the Cartoon Edition.

Two weeks later, Frederick came by for another session and he was already PUMPED.

"I gotta tell you something, Matt," he said. "I took your cartoon book home and put it on a table in our living room, figuring I would get to it later. Well, you'll never guess what happened. My children grabbed it and began going through it together. I have five kids and they're going from page to page doing every single exercise in your book. And they didn't stop until they got to the end."

"Are you serious?" I asked. "That's amazing."

"Well, I'm not done yet," said Frederick. "They took the book into their bedroom and keep it there. And each day they take it out and do the exercises. I've encouraged my children to exercise and they resist doing so. But with your book, because it's a CARTOON book, they thought it was cool so now they're exercising everyday. I'm stunned."

"Okay, I have one obvious question," I replied. "Are they reading the text that goes with the book or just looking at the cartoons and following along based upon that?"

"They're not reading it at all," said Frederick. "They just look at the cartoons and go for it."

I stood there... looking at Frederick for nearly 30 seconds. I was speechless. I was spellbound. And I was in deep thought.

I wondered to myself if this situation was just a fluke - or if similar things would happen all over the country - in fact, all over the world - if parents just put my book in their homes.

Since that time, I've found that Frederick's home was NOT the exception. It was the NORM. That's why he tells me, "If you create a Combat Conditioning for KIDS edition, it'll take off like a rocket. In most cases, all you'll have to do is place it inside a home with young children... and chances are excellent that the boys and girls are going to go APE over the exercises. It happened in my house. I'm betting it'll be the same in yours."

Bodyweight Exercises Best for Kids

The exercises in Combat Conditioning have worked miracles in peoples' lives all over the world. And now, with Combat Conditioning for Kids the very same trend is ready to begin. The exercises in this revised book are specifically tailored to what will help your child the fastest. You can count on him or her having greater stamina, greater strength and amazing flexibility. The exercises will lead to less stress, more calmness and confidence - and those two qualities we want all of our children to have: self-respect and peace of mind.

And the truth is that today's Kids need these qualities NOW more than EVER.

All over the world we're seeing boys and girls who are overweight, weak and sickly. And much of this is due to a lack of exercise in schools as well as too much time before the tee-vee or playing with electronic gadgets.

In order to get your child to exercise - it helps if you have something that practically creates a fantasy for him inside his own head. And a seemingly Superhero cartoon-based exercise program does just that. The cartoons pull your child away from the television, the computer screen, the smart phones and other electronic gadgets and challenge him or her to become physically fit, strong, athletic and flexible.

Your Son, Superman - Your Daughter, Wonder Woman

My daughter and son beaming after a Combat Conditioning for Kids workout.
For a moment, I'd like you to go back in time and recall what it was like for you to watch Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, The Incredible Hulk and so on as a youth.

Chances are, even today, if you go to a movie with these cartoon-ized action figures, you get excited. Somewhere along the line, you blur fantasy with reality, and you secretly imagine what it would be like to leap tall buildings with a single bound, save people who've fallen out of planes, stop trains from crashing... and so on.

But there's no exercise manuals or guides showing you how to at least FEEL like a super hero - much less become one.

Well, with Combat Conditioning for KIDS , that changes. Even though there are no spoken or unspoken promises telling your child that he or she will be pulling fire hydrants open with their bare hands to stop fires, the fantasy of being STRONG, FLEXIBLE and POWERFUL does come through loud and clear.

Your child, with almost zero coaxing from YOU, starts to envision being better than he currently is. She starts thinking of better days ahead with her new found strength, confidence and athleticism.

And your child literally has no idea that the strength and flexibility derived from these exercises may also translate into greater feelings of self-worth, self-respect and peace of mind. This can then manifest itself in not only being a much better behaved child at home - but a better student in the classroom, too. Then again, do I even need to mention that your child's new workout regimen may also lend itself to him becoming a top athlete?

Yes, I know wherefrom I speaketh on this issue as I've been a champion swimmer, wrestler and martial artist, winning state, national and world titles along the way. Additionally, my two children, now 10 and 14 years old, female as well as male, were doing these same exercises when they were much younger - and both of them are now very good athletes.

Don't believe me? Then take a look at my son and daughter in the following video clip:

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8 Ways Combat Conditioning for KIDS
Will Change Your Child's Life

Combat Conditioning for KIDS helped my son hit six home runs in one weekend.
1. It cranks up their metabolism so they burn excess body fat faster than ever before.

2. Packs fit and athletic muscle onto their entire body - strengthening weaknesses along the way.

3. Doubles their functional, useable strength in record time.

4. Quadruples their endurance.

5. Quickly eliminates bad attitudes.

6. Helps them sleep like a log. Eight hours of deep sleep is no longer a goal. It's automatic. As soon as they hit the rack they're out like a light.

7. Their self-confidence will have no bounds. Especially when they get compliments from people in school who hardly paid attention to them before.

8. They can train almost anywhere. They don't need more than a few square feet of carpet or pavement and they're all set. They don't need equipment. Just their own bodyweight.

Get it NOW!

Combat Conditioning for KIDS, normally goes for $39.95 - but right now, as a special marketing and child-empowerment test, you can have your copy for the ridiculously low amount of $29.95 plus S&H.

AND - in addition to this incredibly low amount, I'm going to "sweeten the pot" by giving a FREE GIFT to the next 100 people who take advantage of this offer - and this free gift will help you help your child even more. Look below and see what I mean:

FREE Gift - Combat Conditioning for Kids Exercise Card Deck - This cartoon-ized deck of playing cards (affectionately deemed the Matt Furey Exercise Bible, will have your children competing against each other in a fun way. Draw a card, then do the number of pushups, squats, v-ups or table makers the card shows. See who can do the most without whining. This card deck has a value of $25 because it's a special limited edition print. But if you're one of the next 100 to jump on this exact offer, I'll toss a card deck in at no additional cost. What a steal!

Combat Conditioning for KIDS has dozens of SuperHumanly effective bodyweight exercises along with several different programs that will get your child into great shape MEGA FAST.

Order NOW and you'll receive the FREE Gift listed above. Your total investment in this no-nonsense offer is only $39.95 $29.95 (plus S&H). Click the button below and add this program to your shopping cart.

matt furey

P.S. Claim your copy of Combat Conditioning for KIDS today. Remember, the FREE Cartoon Card Deck is only for the next 100 people who take advantage of this offer.

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