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Can You Burn Fat in a Sauna?

Dear Friend,

When I jumped in the sauna last night, I had it cranked up to 170 degrees. We're talking h-o-t.

Within a few seconds sweat poured off me. I grabbed the butter knife sitting next to me and scraped the sweat beads from my skin. This is an old "wrestler's trick" - it forces your body to quickly produce more sweat because your system is trying to cool off.

Each batch of coolant equals more "lost weight." At least that's how I thought at the time, when every drop of sweat was weight that stood between me and the moment I made weight. There were many days where I dropped four or more pounds in the sauna alone - which was quickly replaced with a couple bottles of room temperature Gatorade.

Anyway, last night, when I was melting in the sauna, I got to thinking about all the people who are probably convinced that the sauna is "only good for dropping water weight." That it has absolutely zero effect on fat loss.

Well, here's my take on the matter: A sauna does contribute to lost water weight. As such, it is important to immediately replace the lost fluids. In fact, I keep a quart of water in the sauna with me and drink as needed ... even whilst sweating. And afterward I drink like a fiend as well.

There are many reasons why I like to take a sauna, and today I'll give you a few of them.

Matt Furey has a DAILY Politically Incorrect fitness tip for you!

1. Your skin is the largest eliminative organ in the body. When you work up a good sweat in the sauna, your body is cleansed of impurities. With the impurities cleansed from your body, your system is much more efficient. This is why many people will tell you that they get over a cold faster with a daily sauna.

2. In the sauna, I like to do some some deep breathing exercises, such as the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener - or the vacuum - as taught in Combat Abs and I believe the results I get from doing so are faster than when I do them in a normal "climate."

3. When I enter the sauna - my body is forced to adapt to the heat. It adapts by trying to cool off - but even while doing so, there can be no doubt that my own metabolic heat is cranked up considerably. Can this, over time, lead to greater fat loss? I believe so.

I'll write more about my experiences with the sauna in the future. In the meantime, if the sauna is something you want to make use of, make sure you speak with your physician before doing so. It's not for everyone.

Alrighty then. Time for my daily dose of the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener.

Kick butt - take names!

matt furey
Matt Furey

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